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Magic Crust Custard Pie - A No Fuss Baked Dessert

As promised posting  this  easy and delicious dessert Magic Crust Custard Pie  which is a Crustless Pie recipe.
As already mentioned in my  Chicken Shepherd’s Pie  post.  Took this aslo a dessert  for a potluck at my friend's place.  This was relished by all.  So easy, quick and a absolute no fuss baked dessert, just blend, pour it into Pyrex pie dish and bake.  After 45 to 50 minutes ta da.. dessert is ready.
2 Tablespoons Heaped Margarine
4 Eggs
¾ Cup Sugar
Pinch of salt
500 ML Full Cream Milk
1 tsp heaped Vanilla essence
½ Cup All Purpose Flour
¼ Teaspoon Nutmeg powder

Place all the ingredients into a blender except the nutmeg powder, blend for a minute, pour into greased 10 inch deep pie pan (mine was not so deep had to pour some of the batter in another small pyrex dish)
Sprinkle  nutmeg powder.  Place this dish on a baking tray. 
Bake on 180 degrees for 45 to 50 minutes. The flour will settle to make its owns crust. 
When it's ready you will see the sides have loosened.  
Cut into slices and serve.  This is a mouth melting dessert. You will love it.

My Notes
Do not fill the pie dish upto the rim, fill it only 3/4th as this rises while baking and it was spill and may cause fire in the oven.  Once out of the oven this will fall flat like a souffle.

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Chocolate Babka#BreadBakers

Chocolate babka, a dense, rich yeasted loaf swirled with an equally rich chocolate filling, is a classic eastern European Jewish bread. 
Yields: 1 loaf
For the dough
 Cups All Purpose Flour
1/3 Cup Level Granulated Sugar
11 Grams Fresh Yeast
2 Small Eggs
½ Cup Milk
½ Teaspoon Fine Sea Salt
75 Grams Cold Unsalted Butter- cut into small cubes 

For the Chocolate filling:
1/4 Cup Caster sugar - I did not add
¼ cup Unsweetened Cocoa powder
75 Grams Dark chocolate - melted
50 Grams Unsalted butter - melted
50 Grams Chocolate chips or chunks 

For the sugar syrup 
¼ Cup Water
¼ Cup Granulated Sugar 

Making the dough
 Place flour, sugar, yeast, and  in a food processor  and mix on low speed until combined. Add eggs,  milk and mix on medium speed until dough comes together, 2-3 minutes. Add salt, then butter, adding a few cubes at a time, mixing until incorporated. Continue mixing for about 10 minutes on medium speed, until dough is completely smooth, elastic, shiny, and pulls away from the sides of the bowl. During mixing, you will need to scrape down the sides of the bowl. 
Place dough in a large bowl brushed with oil, cover with plastic wrap, and  it to rise once risen then leave in the fridge for at least 6 - 8 hours or overnight.
Grease one loaf with oil and line the bottom of each pan with parchment paper with the sides hanging out.
To make the filling
Melt the chocolate and butter, then add the cocoa powder and mix  together until you have a spreadable paste.
 Roll out dough on a lightly floured surface and shape into a rectangle measuring 15 x 11 inches. 
Position dough so that a long side is closest to you. Using an offset spatula, spread half of the chocolate mixture over the rectangle, leaving a ½ inch border all sides . 
Sprinkle chocolate chips on top of the chocolate. 
Shaping the dough 
Use both hands to roll up the rectangle like a log, starting from the long side closest to you and ending at the other long end. 
Press to seal the dampened end onto the log, then use both hands to even out the roll into a perfect thick long roll.
Rest the on its seam side down. 
Use the knife to gently cut the roll in half lengthwise, starting at the top and finishing at the end, essentially 
dividing the log into two long even halves, with the layers of dough and filling visible along the length of both halves. 
With the cut sides facing up
gently press together one end of each half, then lift the right half over the left half. 
Repeat this process, but this time lifting the left half over the right, to create a simple two-pronged plait / braid. Gently squeeze together the other ends so that you are left with the two halves, intertwined and the babka is ready to go into the baking pan. 
Carefully lift the babka into a loaf pan. Don’t worry if there are gaps in the pan since the braid will rise and will eventually look fine, even if you feel like it’s messy at this point. 
Cover the pan loosely with plastic wrap or a damp tea towel and leave to rise in a warm place for an hour  to rise( this dough will not double in size- it will rise a little). 
Preheat oven to 190°C, making sure to allow plenty of time for it to heat fully before the babka has finished rising. Place the pan on middle rack of oven, and bake for about 25-30 minutes, until a skewer inserted into the center comes out clean with no dough attached. 
While the babka is in the oven, let's make the syrup
In a small saucepan over medium heat, bring water and sugar to a boil. As soon as the sugar dissolves, remove from heat and set aside to cool. 
As soon as the babka is out of the oven, brush the syrup over it. Use all of the syrup, even if it looks a lot. 
Let babka cool until it is warm, then remove from pans and let cool completely before serving. Serve warm or at room temperature. 
Just out of the oven and super delicious Babka.. see the swirls, irresistible..
As the babka is baking my house is filling with the aroma of chocolate, yum yum!!
My Notes
Since this dough is a brioche dough / a buttery  dough. 
After  the first rise, it’s highly recommended to place it in the fridge for at least 8 hours or overnight, so it sets properly and is easy to work with. Mine rolled out so smoothly and beautifully after refrigeration.
 To make the filling 
I have seen many recipes using sugar too.  I have not added it  , since even chocolate chips is added in the filling and I did not want a too sweet babka.  If you want add 1/4 cup caster sugar.  Choice is yours. 
Even though I did not add the sugar in the filling this is so sweet and divine to taste..
This babka is super delicious. 
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This month, the Bread Bakers are making yeasted cakes, a theme chosen by Archana of The Mad Scientist's Kitchen. Here are everyone's yeasted cakes: 
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#BreadBakers is a group of bread loving bakers who get together once a month to bake bread with a common ingredient or theme. Follow our Pinterest board right here. Links are also updated each month on this home page. We take turns hosting each month and choosing the theme/ingredient. Our theme this month is Yeasted Cakes.


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Bragoli - Maltese#Improv

I saw this recipe Bragoli recipe on tv,  it's a Maltese recipe,  very flavorful and taste delicious.  It's  the red wine in the gravy that gives an awesome taste to it.
When I, surfed the net seen so  many different variations, so you can alter your bragoli according to your taste.   I made this as seen on tv and altered it as per my taste.
2  Eggs - hard boiled and diced
6 Bacon Rashers
4 - 5 Beef Tenderloin Steak - flattened with a meat tenderizer
2  Big Cloves Garlic  - minced
1 Tablespoon Chopped Flat Parsley
2 Tablespoons breadcrumbs
Salt to taste
Red  Pepper flakes to taste
Olive oil for frying
For the Gravy 
2 Bay leaves
2 Medium Onions  - finely chopped 
1 Green Chilly - finely chopped
5 Medium Tomatoes - blanched, skinned & finely chopped
2  Carrots -   diced
1 Stick Celery  - chopped
½ Cup  Red wine
1  Cup  Green Peas - used frozen

Hard boil the eggs and set aside. Once cooled chop them and the bacon.

In a bowl mix  the eggs, bacon, garlic, parsley, red chilly flakes, salt to taste and breadcrumbs.
Flatten the steak with a meat tenderizer.
Place a tablespoon of the filling  on one end of the steak.
Wrap your meat around the mixture by rolling the meat to make a wrap.
Fasten with toothpicks.
In a deep pan / kadai  heat  oil and add the bay leaves.
Over a medium heat lightly brown your bragoli and set aside.
In the same pan, add  the onions, garlic and green chillies  fry  for 2 - 3 minutes. Add the carrots,  celery and tomatoes and a cup of water cook for 5 minutes on low flame . Add the wine and  place the browned bragoli on top and  bring it to a boil. Simmer on medium low flame for an hour,  keep stirring in between.  
After an hour or so,  if you find that the bragoli are nearly cooked,  add the peas and cook till the peas and bragoli are full done. 
After an hour and a half the bragoli is cooked.
Remove the toothpicks and bay leaves before serving.
Serve with mashed potatoes and steamed french beans, or  asparagus.   I had this with steamed rice. 
Sending this Improv Cooking Challenge, hosted by Nichole Little, theme for month is " Bacon & Onions".
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