About Me

 I am Sneha Datar, a homemaker who loves to cook up delectable delicacies and feed people around me. During such sojourns my friends suggested me time and again various options of giving a taste of my labour of love to a larger audience. After mulling over this for some time I thought of having a blog that would connect me to like minded people across the world. So friends here I am with my platter of selected recipes .

 My tryst with cooking started very late in life, that is after my marriage. It was because of my loving husband’s encouragement that I started exploring the world of food and slowly I was caught in the vortex of the culinary world. The myriad array of options available to experiment  has kept me going  here. 


  1. Thanks Sneha, for making our Valentine's day so special. We really enjoyed the bread n the flaxseed cake. It was awesome.

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