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Cream of Onion And Orange Soup#SoupSwappers

This Cream of Onion And Orange Soup is so flavorful and so refreshing you will love it. The zest of the orange renders a beautiful aroma to this soup. Must try this.  

For Soup Swappers this month the theme is " Refreshing Fruit Soups" our host is April Tuell.

2 Tablespoons Butter
2 Medium Onion  - chopped
2 Medium Potatoes  -  sliced

½  Cup Cream
Cup Milk
3 Cups 
1 Vegetable stock cube
A zest of One Orange
Salt to taste
Tablespoon Corn flour 
Finely chop the onions, soak it  in water for 2 -3 minutes then wash it in fresh water to take out the strong flavor. Drain and keep aside.
In a pot add butter and when it melts, add the  onions in the pan and cook them for 3 - 4 minutes on low heat with pinch of salt.  Add water and  potatoes cool till the potatoes are done.   When done cool this mixture and then blend it in the  food processor , along with the milk  into a fine paste
 Return the mixture back to the pot and add a stock cube and cream, mix well.  Add the orange rind and cook for another 2 - 3 minutes.
Mix the corn flour in ¼ water, add to the soup, keep stirring it it comes to boil and thickens. 
Serve hot.. Enjoy this flavorful soup.
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Check out the Refreshing Fruit Soups other bloggers made for August 2019!

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Vegetable Chilli Garlic Soup#Soupswappers

This simple and easy vegetable chilli garlic soup and it tastes incredible yum! It's soothing on cold winter evening or a rainy day. 
Serves 3 
1 Teaspoon Sesame Oil
3 - 4 Cups Vegetable Stock
1 Tablespoon Red Chilli Garlic Sauce
1 Tablespoon Soy Sauce
1 Teaspoon Chilli Vinegar
½ Teaspoon  White pepper
A Pinch of Sugar
Salt to taste
1 Teaspoon Hot & Sour Sauce
½  Cup  Sliced Carrots
½  Cup  Red, Green, Yellow Bell Peppers - diced
3  Cloves Garlic -  minced
½ Teaspoon Minced Ginger
2 Scallions -  finely 
chopped  with greens and separated
2 Tablespoons  Cornflour mixed with 1/3 Cup Water
1 Small Tomato  - de seeded and diced
4 Basil leaves  - torn
MethodHeat a teaspoon of sesame oil in a wok. Fry the garlic until it starts to leave an aroma but before it burns. Add the onion and fry for another minute. Pour the stock, sauces and pepper and bring to a boil. 
Add the vegetables and salt and boil for 2 minutes or longer until the vegetables have cooked but still crisp. Now add the cornflour paste and allow it to thicken. When thickened then add  the  scallions,  tomato, basil and the chilli vinegar  to the soup, just take a boil.  Take off flame.
Serve the soup with a drizzle of  chilli oil and enjoy it  piping hot.
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Chili Soups For this month's Soup Saturday Event. Host is Karen 
Chimichurri Pork Chili from Culinary Adventures with Camilla
Crock Pot Vegetarian Chili from Home Sweet Homestead
Slow Cooker Black Bean Chili from Karen's Kitchen Stories
Summer Veggie Chili from A Day in the Life on the Farm
Tomato-Free Ground Chicken and Red Lentil Chili from Faith, Hope, Love, & Luck Survive Despite a Whiskered Accomplice
Vegetable Chilli Garlic Soup from Sneha's Recipe

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I have already made so many recipes of Chole/Chickpea Curry which are already posted. But this recipe is totally different and we enjoyed this with Yeasted Bhatura.
1 Cup Heaped Dried Chickpeas
3 Large Onions - finely chopped
3 Large Tomatoes- peel of the skin and then chop
5 Big  Cloves Garlic - minced
1 Heaped Minced  Ginger 
2 Bay leaves
2" Stick  Cinnamon  
1 Teaspoon Cumin Seeds
Teaspoon Turmeric powder 
1 1/2 Teaspoon Coriander Powder 
Teaspoons Level Red Chilly Powder 
Tea bag 
4 Tablespoons Heaped Yogurt - beaten
4 Tablespoons Oil
Salt to taste
Wash and soak the chickpeas overnight or for at least 4 hours. Then rinse and boil them in fresh water with salt to taste. Keep this aside.

Heat another pressure pan with no oil and saute the chopped onions, saute them for a minute, then cover the cooker. Remove the weight. Cook on high flame for a couple of minutes so that steam is created inside. 
Then lower the flame and let it cook for 3 minutes. Now take off the lid, onions will have softened and get lightly browned. Add ginger and garlic, saute again for 2 minutes, till light brown. Add tomatoes ( used frozen tomatoes so the skin peels off easily and get mushy too quickly). Cook till tomatoes mushy and mashed up and the liquid released from them evaporates. 
Make a well in the middle, and pour oil. Add bay leaves and cinnamon stick , cumin seeds, let these sauté a bit in the oil, then add turmeric, coriander and red chilly powder. Add salt to taste (just remember that boiled chickpeas already have salt in them)and the tea bag( this will give a nice rich color to gravy without altering the taste of the gravy), so do not worry just add it. Mix all these very well then add the beaten yogurt. Again mix everything well and cook on medium flame, stirring in between. 
If the gravy sticks to the bottom, add the stock from boiled chickpeas little by little so that spices does not burn at the bottom of the pan. When oil starts to surface add the chickpeas and the remaining stock, stir this well. With the back of the spoon mash some chickpeas. Add water if needed to adjust the consistency of the gravy. Taste for seasonings and adjust accordingly. 
Place the lid of the pressure pan, close it, take 3 whistles on high flame. Turn off the flame. When the cooker cools down, transfer to a serving bowl. 
Garnish with chopped coriander, onion rings and flame roasted green chillies. 
Enjoy this with  Yeasted Bhatura . Yum and delicious. 
Do try this recipe and hope you enjoy it.
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Puneri Batata Vada

Puneri Batata Vada is different from what you get in Mumbai.  When I, first ate them, was, surprised to to have a entirely different version of vadas. These are not spicy and no tempering is given to the potato filling and they are like patties. Check the  Vada Pav (Mumbai Style)  recipe.
4 Medium Potatoes- boiled and mashed
2 Green chilies - minced
1/2 Inch Piece Ginger - minced
3 Cloves Garlic - minced
1 Small Onion - minced
1 Tablespoon Coriander Leaves - finely chopped
1 Tablespoon Mint Leaves - finely chopped
1 Teaspoon Lemon Juice
1/2 Teaspoon Turmeric Powder
1 Teaspoon Sugar
1/2 Teaspoon Salt or to taste
For the Batter
1 Cup Besan / Chickpea flour
A pinch of Chilly Powder
A Pinch of Turmeric Powder
For Serving
Fried Green Chillies / Mirchis - as required
Dry Lasun Chutney 
Mint  Chutney

Batter for the coating
In a bowl add besan, salt to taste ,turmeric and red chilly powder and water. Mix well. Make sure there are no lumps. If required you may add more water very little at a time and keep mixing. The batter should not be very thick and not watery. The consistency should be such that it forms a thick coating on the potato vada.

To make the Vada 

In another bowl / plate take the mashed potatoes. Add the green chilies, garlic, ginger, coriander, mint, onions, salt to taste and lime juice, mix well. Divide them into equal portions. Oil your hands lightly and make patties. Keep aside
In the meantime heat oil in a deep frying pan / kadai. The heat should be on a medium low.

To fry the batata vada

Once the oil is hot enough to fry the vadas, dip the flattened patties with the batter. Leave them very gently and carefully in the oil one by one.

Fry the vadas turning the sides only after one side is cooked and golden. Repeat the process for the rest of the vadas.

Transfer them to a paper towel to remove excess oil.
Now that  frying the vadas,  is done, in the same oil deep fry some green chilies.  Sprinkle some salt on them. Green Chillies / Mirchis will be ready to eat with the vada.

Serve hot ... 

These vadas are fried to perfection, crisp and served on its own or with Dry Lasun Chutney , or Mint  Chutney or Kethcup and fried green chilies. They taste awesome. 

Labels :  Starters,  Street food, Savory Snacks, Pune, Kids delight, Snacks, Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten free

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Fries Ka Salan - A Side Dish

Fries Ka Salan is a side dish, quick, easy and delicious. If you do not want make the fries from scratch, then use ready french fries and make this recipe.   
1/2 Kg Potatoes
3 Whole Red chillies
½ Teaspoon Turmeric powdder
Salt to taste
2 Green chilies
4 Big Cloves Garlic - finely chopped
½ Teaspoon Chaat masala
1 Tablespoon Lemon juice or to taste
3 Tablespoons Tomato ketchup
1 Tablespoon Soy sauce
Oil as required
Coriander to garnish

In a small mixer blender crush the red chillies till coarse, keep aside.
Cut potatoes into wedges , sprinkle a little salt and keep aside. Heat 1/2 cup oil in a pan and fry the potato wedges till light golden and cook covered since  it will start to splutter. After a 2 minutes take off the lid and fry the wedges till golden . Remove and keep aside. In the same oil fry two green chillies and keep aside.
In another pan now in another pan add 3 tablespoon oil and fry garlic till golden . Take the pan off flame, add all the spices like ground red chillies, turmeric, salt , tomato ketchup, soy sauce, chaat masala, add 1/4 cup water and then place the pan back on medium low flame and cook till gravy it thickens a little. 
Now add potatoes and  green chilies toss it well till all the sauce coats the potatoes, stir lightly for 2 minutes . Take off flame and, lastly add coriander  and lemon juice. 
Serve hot, as a side dish.
Labels : Potato, Fries, Side Dish, Vegan, Gluten free, Side Dish, Vegetarian, Vegetables
My Notes
Adjust the spices according to your taste.

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Vegetable Garlicky Cottage Cheese Soup#Soupswappers

Welcome to this month event for Soup Swappers, our  Host is Ashley Ramaker Lecker and the theme is "Cheesy Soups for Dairy Month".

This is an easy, light and comforting soup, Chinese style, you will definitely love it. 
Serves 3
3  Cups Vegetable Stock
2 Teaspoons  Chilli Garlic Sauce
Teaspoons Soy Sauce
Teaspoon Chilli Vinegar
Teaspoon Black pepper powder
A Pinch of Sugar
1 Teaspoon Sriracha Sauce
Salt to taste
1/2 Cup Sliced Carrots
1/2 Cup Red, Green, Yellow Bellpeppers
3 Cloves Garlic - chopped finely
An Inch Ginger - chopped finely
2 Spring Onions slice
find e
1/2 Cup Broccoli Florets
1/2 Cup Sweet Corn
2 Tablespoons Heaped Cornflour mixed with some water
To Add Just before the final boil
1 Small Tomato sliced
2 Leaves Bok Choy - chopped
4 Basil Leaves - torn
50 Grams Cottage Cheese - diced into tiny squares
1 Tablespoon Oil
Chop the spring onions and keep the greens and whites separate.
Heat  oil in a wok. Fry the garlic until it starts to leave an aroma but before it burns. Add the white part of the spring onion and fry for another minute. Pour the stock, sauces and pepper and bring to a boil. Add the vegetables, salt and boil for 2 minutes or littler longer until the vegetables have cooked but still crisp. 
Now add the cornflour paste and allow it to thicken. Add the bok choy, spring onion, tomato, basil and cottage cheese, top with chilli oil and serve piping hot.
Lables : Soup, Soup Swappers, Cottage Cheese. Garlic, Gluten free, Vegetarian, Vegetables, Healthy, Appetizer,  Chinese 
Take a look wonderful Cheesy soups being shared today. 

If you love soups please join our Soup Saturday Swappers where we take turns choosing themes/ingredients to create soups/stews each month. Just comment below with your blog name and email so I can send you an invitation to the group.
Ashley, Cheese Curd In Paradise: Pepper Jack Potato and Bacon Soup
Karen, Karen's Kitchen Stories: Sopa de Queso - Cheese Soup with Chiles and Potato
Cindy, Cindy's Recipes and Writings: Cheesy Broccoli Pesto Noodle Soup
Wendy, A Day in the Life on the Farm: Caramelized Onion and Gruyere Soup
Camilla , Culinary Adventures with Camilla: Chilled Watermelon and Rosé Soup
Juli, Pandemonium Noshery: German Cheese and Leek Soup
Sneha, Sneha's Recipe: Vegetable Garlicky Cottage Cheese Soup
Sid , Sid's Sea Palm Cooking: Chicken Cheezy Soup
Barrie, Hardly A Goddess: Weeknight Cheeseburger Soup with RealCheese!

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Chocolate Rabri Mango Kulfi

This is a dessert lovers  summer delight for this delish King of Fruit!

A whole Alphonso mango  stuffed with Chocolate Rabri And Dry Fruits... you will love this Mango slice kulfi. A delight of old Delhi stuffed fruit kulfi. Yum.. Yum.. Dil Maange More !!

The procedure is lengthy and time consuming but worth the effort.

2 Big Alphonso Ripe Mango or any firm mango
1 Cup Rabri - Unsweetened - Homemade
40 Grams Milk Chocolate - chopped
Dry Fruits as required

Heat the Rabri - Unsweetened - Homemade , take off  flame and add the chopped chocolate and let it melt.  Keep this aside.
In the meanwhile chopped the dry fruits.
When the chocolate rabri cools add the fruits, mix well keep aside. 
Now let's prepare the Mango for stuffing
Cut a round slice of mango from top (keep this aside for capping - will require this while freezing the mango). 
Take a pointed knife and insert it carefully through this cut
gently move it around the seed to loosen it from the mango..
Gently twist the Mango seed slowly with a pair of tongs so
 that it leaves the mango base. Now carefully pull out the seed
A hollow is created
Do the same for the next mango.
Place the mango in a fitting bowl that will hold it straight.
Stuff it with Chocolate Rabri. 
Fill it till the top
Cap the mango with the slice.  
Cover the mango with cling film. Keep it in the deep  freezer for a day.  
The next day take this stuffed frozen mango, wear gloves or use a cloth  to hold the frozen Mango  as it will be too cold to hold and immediately  gently peel the skin ( do not defrost the  mango to avoid it from softening and there by increasing excess ice formation). 
At this stage if you feel that the  mango is soft again cover it with a cling film and freeze it. 
Once frozen its ready to be served.  Cut the Chocolate Rabri Mango Kulfi into  this slices and serve chilled.
 Enjoy !! Yum Yum!!
Labels: Mango, Stuffed, Kulfi, Chocolate Rabri, Ice Cream, Homemade, Sweets & Desserts, Vegetarian, Preservatives free, Jain food 

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