Kolkata Style Egg Roll / Wrap

When m daughter use to go for her drawing class to a Bengali teacher she would very often prepare Egg Rolls and give the children. My daughter loved them so much that one day she told me to ask her the recipe. This recipe is so simple and quick. We often have this for our dinner. So here's the recipe ......

Makes: 4 rolls
4 plain whole wheat chapattis
4 eggs
Onion - thinly sliced
1 Capsicum - thinly sliced
2 Green chilies - finely chopped
A juice from 1 lemon or White vinegar to taste
Salt to taste
Tomato ketchup as  required
Mustard sauce as required


Combine the sliced onions, capsicum, green chillies along with salt, mustard sauce and lemon juice, keep aside.

Beat one egg with salt and pepper in a small bowl (we will beat them one at a time and not all four eggs together)

Heat an omlette skillet, add a teaspoon of oil; pour in the whiked egg into the skillet. Swirl it around so it spreads to the entire skillet surface.
Before the egg starts cooking, place the paratha on the egg and press it gently. Flip the paratha when the egg is done and cook for a few seconds.
Remove the egg paratha from the skillet and place it on a board with the egg side facing up. 

Wrap up the roll into aluminium wrap or grease proof paper to hold it together. Repeat the same procedure for the remaining eggs, parathas and onion mixture.

Serve hot the Egg Rolls/ Wrap as a quick dinner or even pack it for picnics and lunch boxes

Enjoy !!!

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Sneha's Recipe
Sneha's Recipe

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