Halloween Ghost Hardboiled Eggs#Sunday Funday

These spooky Halloween Ghost Hardboiled Eggs are packed in protein. They are so cute and easy to make. These are perfect for a snack, lunch box or even for breakfast. To give these a nice yellow look for the eyes and mouth I used yellow gel color since the yolks were not that dark yellow that I wanted.
Hardboiled eggs
A Standard size straw
A Milkshake size straw
A Drop Yellow Gel Color
First, slice the bottom off of the eggs so they can stand upright without toppling.
Then, take your milk sized straw and insert it right where you imagine the ghost’s eyes to go – toward the narrow (top) end of the oval
Insert the straw just through the outer white portion of the egg and stop before you hit the firm yolk
twist the straw around so it carves out a circle
pull the straw out at a slight angle so the circle that you just carved out of the white part remains inside the straw as you pull it out of the egg (you’re essentially creating a vacuum effect with the straw)
squeeze the egg that is inside the straw out onto your work surface and repeat for more ghost eyes
Use your regular sized straw for the mouth of the ghost
I like to squeeze the straw a little to shape it into an oval for the ghost’s mouth. 
Repeat the same procedure from above. That’s it! 
The Halloween Ghost Hardboiled Eggs are done. What a fun exercise. 
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Sneha's Recipe
Sneha's Recipe

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  1. We eat hard-boiled eggs all the time. This is a fun idea!