Low Crab Coconut Flour & Oat Fiber Flatbread#BreadBakers

These keto flatbreads are vegan and gluten free and are must-have keto staples. They’re so easy to make and super low carb. I make toasties, wraps, pizzas, salad rolls out of them and can be used to make sweet treats by slathering them with any keto approved fruit coulis or spread... the possibility of using these are endless. I make a big batch of these every week. They stay good in the fridge for 10 days or more. I reheat them and enjoy.
Makes 12 Flatbreads

60 Grams Coconut Flour
100 Grams Oat Fiber
40 Grams Psyllium Husk powder
2 Teaspoons Baking Powder
1 Teaspoon Xanthan Gum
1/8 Teaspoon Salt
4 Tablespoons Oil
24 Tablespoons Hot Water

Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl well. Add the oil and give it a good mix. Now add the water 22 tablespoons and knead with a spoon, because the water is very hot. After that knead the dough with your hand adding a tablespoon water at a time. ( I used the entire given water to knead the dough). Knead to a soft, moist and smooth dough is formed. Cling wrap the dough and keep it for 20 minutes. 
Then cut into 12 equal parts. Moisten your hand with little water and roll into smooth ball.
Roll each ball between two plastic sheets with a rolling pin  
Or use a puri /tortilla press to make these. 
Place a ball between two plastic sheets and press it. 
Heat a non stick pan and bake them on one side for 3 minutes low flame.    
Then flip and cook on medium high pressing the edges with a cloth till brown spots appear.  
These puffed up like normal wheat flour rotis. Your will love these low crab flatbreads.  Our low crab flatbread is ready.
Like wise make the rest, I usually bake and side by side roll another one. 
Wrap them in a cloth and refrigerate the remaining these stay good in refrigerator for a 10 day or ore. You freeze these for a month in the freeze. Enjoy!!

Net carb per flatbread varies depending on the flour you use. Check your product package. These coconut flour flatbreads works out approx. 0.5 carb as the rest of the ingredients have close to 0 carb.
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Sneha's Recipe
Sneha's Recipe

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  1. I love how they puff up as they cook and the fact that they are gluten free and low carb is a great bonus.

  2. These look perfect to go with a bowl of soup.

  3. Oh, these look wonderful! Darn, I threw out my psyllium husk powder since it was getting really old, but I have everything else to make them!

  4. I love how they puff up. Magical!!

  5. Wow the breads have puffed up so well, cannot believe it is gluten-fee. Is psyllium husk a must?

  6. WOW! These rotis look amazing and I love the flavors. These would go perfect with a bowl of curry or dal. I am going to try these soon.