Tomato Egg Pulao - Pressure Cooker#MulticookerMonday

Easy meals are always a blessing when you have so many other chores to complete in the morning, with children leaving for school, hubby and me getting ready for work. Preparing a lunch box is definitely a difficult task for a working mom especially if your child is a picky eater. I always try to pack healthy lunch boxes for our meal. Here is one protein rich, quick and healthy meal.
1 Cup Measurement = 250 Ml
Serves 2 - 3 
1 Cup Heaped Basmati Rice
1 Medium Onion - chopped
1 Big Cube Vegetable Seasoning
2 - 3 Tablespoons Oil
1 Teaspoon Meat Masala powder
½ Teaspoon Sugar
2 Green Chillies - slit for garnishing
Grind To Fine Paste
2 Large Tomatoes
1" Piece Ginger - chopped
3 Cloves Garlic - chopped
2 Green Chillies
For The Egg
3 Boiled Eggs
1 Tablespoon Oil
A Pinch Turmeric powder
¼ Teaspoon Red chilly powder

Fry the boiled egg in a teaspoon of oil with a turmeric and red chilly powder, for 2 minutes until they turns golden brown.. Remove and keep aside.

Soak the basmati rice in water for 15 minutes.

Grind the tomato, ginger-garlic paste, green chillies to a fine paste without adding water. Remove this in a bowl, mix in the meat masala powder and sugar well. Keep aside.
Heat oil in a pressure pan,  fry the chopped onions , fry until it turns translucent. Add the tomato paste to the onions, add seasoning cube and fry until the oil separates. Add the rice and very lightly mix it with a spatula till the spice coats the rice nicely. 
Add 2½ cups water and bring this to boil on high flame for 2 minutes. Add the fried eggs cover with the cooker lid and take 2 whistles on high flame. Switch off the flame. Leave the cooker aside till your ready to serve. Open the cooker and fluffy the rice with a fork. 
Serve in a platter with eggs on top. Serve with raita or salad.
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Multi Cooker Monday December 2021  
Sneha's Recipe
Sneha's Recipe

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  1. I'm intrigued by frying the hard boiled eggs. This sounds wonderfully flavorful and delicious.

  2. That is so interesting frying the boiled egg! The rice sounds amazing.

  3. This looks wonderfully hearty and cozy!!

  4. This is absolutely a comforting meal Sneha! Love the flavors!