Vegan & Gluten Free Watermelon Jelly#FoodieExtravangaza

This is an exquisite and refreshing Vegan & Gluten Free Watermelon Jelly which is so very easy to prepare. It's a perfect cool dessert which can be served at any time of the day or for parties, especially on a hot summer day. The cinnamon stick in this dessert renders a beautiful taste and aroma to it, would suggest not to add any other extra flavoring. 
I have made this jelly twice in one week, because my hubby loved it. This jelly is also apt to make especially when  you get some tasteless or bland watermelon. 
Serves 2
300 ml Watermelon juice
3 Tablespoons Level Corn Flour
1/3 Cup Level Granulated Sugar
1 Small Stick Cinnamon
1/2 Teaspoon Level Agar Agar powder 

A Drop of Red color - optional
Mango pieces for garnish

Let’s make watermelon juice first. Cut the watermelon, remove the seeds and put it into a mixer. Mix well until blended. Sieve, measure it and keep aside. 

In a tablespoon of water soak the agar agar powder, keep it aside.
In a sauce pan add the corn flour to  the watermelon juice and mix well until dissolved fully and no lumps remain.  Now add cinnamon stick, sugar, mix well.  Place the sauce pan on medium high flame and bring this mixture to a boil. 
Simmer on a low fire for about 5 to 7  minutes, stirring continuously. Once it starts to thicken,  add the soaked agar agar and stir  it till well,  mix and continue to stir for another  2 minutes. Fish out the  cinnamon stick.

Rinse the moulds and leave them wet (this will help you to un mould the jelly easily). 
Pour the prepared jelly mixture into the moulds and let it cool down. Cling wrap them and keep it in the refrigerator  overnight.

Next day take a wet kitchen napkin and micro it for 30 seconds and wrap it around jelly moulds. 
This way un moulding of jelly becomes much easier. Place it on serving plate upside down and tap a bit.  Ta da they are out.  Now garnish it with mango pieces and a stalk of mint leaf and serve.. yum.. yum.
My hubby and our guest just relished this fabulous dessert.
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