Keto Vegan Passion Fruit Sour Cream Dressing#SundayFunday

I had sour cream and passion fruits in the fridge that need to be used up, so experimented to make a vegan dressing and this became the order of the day. I was pleasantly surprised as to how good, delicious and mind blowing the the end result was.
This dip  can be used for crudités , crackers, nachos or salad.
Makes ½ Cup
¼ Vegan Cashew Sour Cream
1 Small Tomato -Chopped
A Pinch Stevia
Salt to taste
1 Passion Fruit
A Drizzle Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Black pepper to taste
Blend all well except the passion fruit and olive oil. Then mix in half of the passion fruit.

Remove into a serving bowl top it remaining passion fruit with a drizzle of Olive oil. Chill in the refrigerator till ready to serve.
Serve, simply delicious and mind blowing taste.
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Sneha's Recipe
Sneha's Recipe

Happy Home-maker and culinary enthusiast.


  1. A great way to enjoy a creamy dressing, vegan style.

  2. Oh my gosh! This sounds wonderful as a dip but even better for a dressing over the salad I have chilling in the fridge.

  3. Sneha I miss passion fruit. Back in Kenya it is available in abundance and passion fruit vinaigrette was my favourite dressing to make. Like how you've made a creamy dressing.

  4. Passion fruit in anything is amazing. I can't wait to try this. Thanks for sharing.