Bloody Eye Balls In Blood Red Tomato Sauce#SundayFunday

These Halloween Bloody Eye Balls and really yummy and serve this at a party and your guests will enjoy this party appetizer. 
I have used homemade fresh paneer- check the recipe here

200 Grams  Homemade Paneer -  grated 
3-4. Green Olives, cut in thick slices 
3-4, Black Olives, cut in small rounds 
1-2 Teaspoons Milk or Water  - See Notes
½ Cup Tomato Sauce or Ketchup - See Notes 
Oil for greasing hands 

Cut green olives in thick slices and black olives in small rounds. Fit black olives in the green olives slices.  
Grate paneer and knead a soft dough by adding very little milk, as required. 
Grease hands with oil and make paneer balls and flatten them slightly. 
Carefully at any blood red color sauce on top of the balls.  
Now add the olives to look like retina rings. 
Serve as a snack or and appetizers to kids and adults in your Halloween party or place them in on a bed of Blood Red Tomato Sauce!!

My Notes

Since I have used sugar free homemade Tomato Sauce add a tablespoon fresh beetroot paste to get that bloody red color to the sauce.

If you are making the balls with homemade paneer there is no need to add water or milk while making the balls.
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  1. Ha, ha, I love this! I don't know if I could eat it, it looks so real!