Olives & Cheese Crackers#Improve

Crackers with Cheese, is good snack or appetizer which everyone loves. Makes a great party pleaser. They're tempting and totally addicting!
9 Cracker Biscuits - as required
100 Grams Cream Cheese
1 Cube Processed Cheese
For Topping:
Spicy Chicken Salami - as required
Black / Green olives - as required - I used stuffed Green Olives

Pizza Seasonings  - as required


Blend both the cheese in the blender till smooth. Pour this into a piping bag.
Pipe cream cheese spread evenly on top of the crackers. 
Sprinkle a pinch of pizza seasonings. Arrange  a chicken salami and a green olive.    Serve and Enjoy!!
My Notes
Can use any topping of your choice, like, Finely chopped sausage or any fresh or dried fruits. The choice is unlimited.
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  1. I have never made a cheese topping like that and im insanely curious. I love all the flavors, looks so yummy.

  2. Those little bites look so pretty and make me want to reach through the screen and grab one.

  3. Those look perfectly tasty for a delicious appetizer!

  4. Perfect little appetizers Sneha. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I'm up for just about anything topped with an olive!!!