Milk Cream - East Indian

A dainty, delicate, taste so good, looks elegant , melt in mouth and is irresistible milk sweet. 
Milk cream is a must Christmas sweet in every East Indian household. Loved by all -  children as well as adults.   Its a sweet made with milk,  the process is tedious and requires lots of patience but the end product is really worth the effort taken.  Again this is another sweet which has no eggs, a complete vegetarian and gluten free.
A Liter Of Milk - (I used full cream milk)
425 Grams Tea Sugar
2 Tablespoons Cashew nut powder
1 Tablespoon Rose water
1 Tablespoon Ghee


In a heavy bottomed base kadai or pan boil the milk and reduces half of its quantity on a very low flame stirring constantly with a wooden spoon, taking care it doesn't stick to the bottom. Add the sugar,  continue stirring till the sugar melts and again reduces , half of its quantity, now add the cashew powder and keep stirring it continuously, till it thickens, add ghee, continue stirring.

Once it starts leaving the sides take a  teaspoon full and check if you can roll it into a soft ball if its rolled easily,  the mixture is now ready or  when touched does not stick to your hand.

 Transfer to the greased plate and before it cools completely, form  small balls and press into  silicon moulds - shapes of your choice.  Take them out of the mould and store in a airtight container,  4 to 5 days at room temperature and then refrigerate (not in the freezer)..

My Notes

Stir this continuously on very low flame, to achieve a beautiful white color. 
Do not add too much of cashew powder if you want it white and creamy.

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Sneha's Recipe
Sneha's Recipe

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