Hyderabadi Parathas#BreadBakers

Hyderabadi Paratha is a popular paratha recipe form Hyderabad which is also famous in all regions of India and also our neighboring country Pakistan.
For making this paratha it is very important that layers should be seen on the paratha when it cooked. Check my notes below to make really flaky and layered parathas.

2 Cups All Purpose Flour 

½ Cup Wheat flour
2 Teaspoon Level Salt
1 Tablespoon Heaped Sugar

Sieve the wheat, salt and all purpose flour.

In a bowl add  the sieved flour and knead into a semi stiff dough with water keep covered with a damp towel for at least 30 minutes better still for  an hour.
Divide it into equal size balls and keep covered with a damp towel.
Take one ball roll it on a greased work surface into big slightly thick circle 
spread ghee nicely on the circle and sprinkle little flour on circle
then start roll this 
into a rope  
then take the rope tap it on the work surface  to stretch it into a longer rope  
roll it into a 
circle and 
then roll it lightly into a paratha. 
Heat a griddle or tawa on medium low flame and then place the paratha on it, when bubble appear on top then flip it
apply ghee on the this side and cook it brown spot appear on the bottom side and flip the paratha press it with a cloth and then apply ghee and flip this side and cook till both sides brown spot appear.
Take it on to clean towel and crush it lightly  with your hands to open the fold. 
Serve with any gravy dish, like vegetable or chicken curry/ korma along with sweet or spicy pickle.

My Notes

While making these Paratha the circle should be of medium thickness. If you make them more thick then more layers will be visible,  then there is a chance that the paratha will remain raw/uncooked from  inside.  To avoid this cook the paratha really very well on low medium flame  by pressing it with a cloth, so that it is not left uncooked from inside.
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Sneha's Recipe
Sneha's Recipe

Happy Home-maker and culinary enthusiast.


  1. Very concise and wonderful instructions. Your bread is beautiful.

  2. Flaky flatbread? Yes, please! These remind me of the flatbread we call roti canai in Malaysia but there the dough is stretched very thin before making it into a tube and forming the spiral. The light crushing with a towel is essential for optimum flakiness. Lovely!

  3. Crisp and yummy parathas they are. The layers have come out so well sneha.

  4. That method is very similar to Chinese scallion pancakes! It creates such amazing flaky bread.

  5. Hello Sneha, such lovely flaky parathas. I always wanted to make these but have'nt tried till date. Your instructions are so helpful. I am going to make these soon.