Guava cheese is a sweet prepared by Christians for Christmas. It's very easy and has a long shelf life. Tastes cheesy and soft, melt in the mouth sweet this is. Do give it a try.   This sweet has no flour or eggs, completely vegetarian, vegan, gluten free.


4 Cups Guava Pulp ( 1.1/2 Kg Ripe Big Guavas)
5 Cups Tea Sugar
Juice of 3 Big Lemons
2 Tablespoons Ghee
Few drops of Pink or Red color


Wash the guavas and cut them in halves, place it in a container and steam them in a pressure cooker (like you steam rice) on high for one whistle then reduce the flame and keep it for 10 minutes ( taking care that no water enters the container).

Cool the guavas completely then take a spoon and scoop out the seeds and keep aside, taking care that no seeds remain in the outer covering. 

Take the seeds pulp in a fine strainer and remove the pulp as much as possible.

Take the outer cover and chop it into small pieces and grind it to a fine paste without adding any water.

Measure the pulp and the ground paste in a cup or a bowl. Take the same bowl and measure the sugar ( sugar is one cup extra than the pulp). 

Place the sugar, guava pulp and lime juice in a heavy bottom base kadai and place on fire on medium low flame stirring continuously with a wooden spoon.

While stirring take care to stay far away as it splutters. Keep stirring continuously, this take around 45 minutes to an hour. When the mixture thickens and starts leaving the sides add the ghee and color, continue stirring till forms a ball in the center. Take it our into a greased tray and spread it. Cool completely and cut into squares.  Store in airtight containers.

This stays good for 3 months in a cool dry place. 

I make this sweet of 3 to 4 kgs guavas and send them for my friends and relatives abroad.

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Sneha's Recipe
Sneha's Recipe

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