Brique A L'oeuf - Tunisian Cuisine

Brique A L'oeuf is a Tunisian Cuisine which in English translates to Brick Egg. This is prepared during the month of Ramadan, Each household has its own recipe in Tunisia, the only common ingredient is an egg which is a must to seal the brique which is a fine(actually transparent) pastry sheet.

When Mena posted the recipe for this month challenge, was intrigued after reading the name. Since this pastry sheet is not available in India, raided You Tube - watched a all possible videos which would give me some insight on how to make this pastry sheet. Language was the biggest barrier since all videos were in local spoken, could not understand anything. There was one video which showed how this pastry sheet could be made at home. Could not understand the quantity of ingredients and also the name. But since cooking is a common language understood some what the ingredients. Took a gamble and made the pastry sheet with a very small quantity, got four small sheets (since its was a small pan) after numerous trial and errors. But the outcome was fantastic. Loved the final product. The last four sheets were perfect and now I can make these again. Sorry friends can't recollect the video link hence posting only how I made it. But surely if you try this method you too will succeed in making these sheets.

To make the Pastry sheets 
1 Cup Level All Purpose Flour
1.1/2 Tablespoons Heaped Corn Flour
1/4 Teaspoon Salt
3/4 - 1 Cup Water 
For the filling 
3 Eggs
1 Scallion - finely chopped white and greens
1 Tablespoon Parsley - finely chopped
A sprinkle of Fresh Thyme- Added this since I love this herb
Salt and Pepper to Taste
2 Cubes Cheese - grated 
Oil for frying

To make the sheets 
Mix the ingredient together in a bowl the batter should be thin. 
On medium flame take a pot or kadai and fill it with water for steaming. Insure that it does not touch the the pan placed on it.

Bring the water to boil. Then place a nonstick pancake pan on it. When heated (Note - the pan should not be brushed with oil).

Take a pastry brush.  Dip it in the batter and brush it on the pan to make a fine sheet, cover all the spaces if left in between. 
Let it cook till the sides starts peeling. Lift it up and place it on a plate.   
In same manner make the remaining sheets.
These sheets are really thin / transparent. Use a big pancake pan to make the sheets since the ones I made were small.
To make the Brique A L'oeuf  
Lightly beat the eggs and  salt, pepper, thyme, parsley, scallion and give it stir.  Keep aside. 
Heat  2 - 3 tablespoons oil in  a frying pan. 
Take a deep plate according to size of the sheet.  Place the filling in the center, place the cheese on top. Gently fold the sheet in half, lift it carefully and place it in frying pan.   
Fry  till the underneath side is crisp and brown then flip, fry this side too till crisp.  
Serve hot... enjoy..these are so crisp and yummy.. craving for more will make these again with some fishy filling. I believe these are served as appetizers in Tunisia, we had this for our supper with a hot bowl of soup
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Sneha's Recipe
Sneha's Recipe

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  1. I'm glad someone had a go at home making the Tunisian pastry for the Brik 👍 and your Brik look very tempting!

  2. Your Brique A L'oeuf look so good and I am super impressed you made your own sheets!

  3. Sneha! wonderful - you made the pastry sheet - hats off! I did see one video on how to make, but didnt bother to take the pain :-P But I am sure that was totally different from what you have showed here... You brik looks so yum!