Lablabi - Tunisian Chickpea Soup

This is another Tunisian recipe for this month challenge with Mena which has my favorite harissa in it. This so delicious, light and hearty soup. We had this as a meal for supper and enjoyed it. The harissa in this soup gives a awesome flavor. Let's make this soup...

Servings 3

2 Cups Boiled Garbanzo beans / Chickpeas
2 Cloves Garlic - finely chopped
1 Tablespoon Harissa - homemade
1 Teaspoon Roasted Cumin powder
1 Onion - finely chopped
1 Veg Soup seasoning cube
Salt to taste
1 Tablespoon Lemon juice
2 Tablespoons Olive oil
Croutons  - homemade


Wash the dried chickpeas and soak them in water overnight . Boil them with water to the level of the chickpeas in a pressure cooker till done (After a whistle on high flame, then on low flame for 8 - 10 minutes). 

In a pot heat a teaspoon of olive oil add garlic, onion and fry till onion is lightly softened. Then add the chickpeas, harissa,  cumin powder, soup seasoning and salt. Simmer for 15 minutes. To serve.. in a soup bowl lay croutons, ladle the soup on it add lemon juice and drizzle of olive oil.

Serve with extra Harissa and Croutons  . Enjoy this hot bowl of soup... delicious.. 

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Sneha's Recipe
Sneha's Recipe

Happy Home-maker and culinary enthusiast.


  1. Beautifully presented soup Sneha and I like that again you homemade an ingredient - Harissa paste. Once I added bread pieces to my soup they soaked up all the liquid, I may have added too much bread if there's such a thing as 'too much' bread lol

  2. Soup with home made harissa... yum! I have not tried my hands in making ME soups.. should do..

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