Bread Pudding - Steamed

February 18, 2014


Brun bread                  2  or    6 - 8 Bread Slices

Milk                               600 ML
Eggs                               2 No
Sugar                             12 Full Teaspoons 
Custard  powder         2 Teaspoons
Vanilla essence           1 Teaspoon
Almond powder          4 Teaspoons
Ghee                              2 Tablespoon


Sugar                           3  Teaspoons


Cut the bread into small pieces.    Heat  half the quantity of milk. 

With a hand blender beat the eggs  till light and fluffy. Add essence and beat well, as you are beating add the hot milk, beat continuously  or else the eggs will set like an omelet. 
Now add the rest of the milk, custard powder, bread pieces, sugar, almond powder and blend well. Keep this to soak for 15 minutes or more.

In the meanwhile make the caramel. Wet the container in which you are going to steam the pudding. Add the sugar and place it on medium flame. Let the sugar burn until it  gets  light brown color. Remove for flame and spread it all over the base of the container. Be careful do not handle this container with bare hands use tongs or a hand towel. Keep it to cool. When the caramel cools add the pudding mixture, cover it with a lid or foil. Place the container  in cooker on a ring stand and add enough water to steam this pudding. Take one whistle on high flame, reduce the flame, steam it for 25 minutes. Cool, pudding is ready to serve.

This pudding is delicious and easy to make. This pudding is packed off to my brother house who loves steamed bread pudding.

Note : When you add hot milk to the beaten eggs it eliminate the smell of the egg in the pudding.

I used brun bread as the pudding taste better than slice bread.  Burn is hard crusted  bread.
If you want the pudding sweeter add sugar to your taste.  For me the sweetness was perfect.

Very soon, will post an eggless version of this pudding.  Look out for the post.

Do give this pudding a try and post your comments.

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Sneha's Recipe
Sneha's Recipe

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