April Fools' Day Chicken Nuggets & French Fries#SundayFunday

When I made these nuggets and gave them to my hubby to enjoy he wouldn't touch them thinking that am really giving him chicken to eat. Then I told him this a April Fools Food Prank he looked at me quite believable wondering whether I am speaking the truth.
After eating one he looked at me stunned, since they looked exactly like Mac chicken nuggets. Do try this prank on your kid's or friends and see their reaction.

For The Nuggets 

Vanilla Pound Cake - cut into squares 
8 - 10 Biscuits - coarsely powdered 
½ Cup Vanilla Icing - I used ½ Cup Icing Sugar + 1 -2 Teaspoons Milk 
For The French Fries  
Pound Cake Slices  
Crinkle Cutter

Place the biscuits in a zip lock bag and crush them with a meat mallet to get coarse crumbs. Transfer crumbs to a bowl. Keep aside.
Get a store-bought vanilla pound cake or make your own ( I made eggless vanilla pound cake ) and ¼" thick squares or nugget shapes. Reserve some slices for fries later.
Make the icing adding a teaspoon of milk at a time to make a coating consistency icing. Dip the nuggets into vanilla icing evenly until all the cakes slices / nuggets are evenly covered. Place them on a wire rack to remove the excess icing. 
Carefully pick up one nuggets at a time and dredge in the crushed biscuit powder. Return to the wire cooling rack to harden. Serve with jam of your choice. Cut reserved slices with a crinkle cutter to make fries.
April Fool's Day Chicken Nuggets are ready!
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Sneha's Recipe
Sneha's Recipe

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  1. What a fun idea and dessert for dinner is always a great April Fools Day prank.

  2. Hahaha, I love that your husband was reluctant to eat them! That just goes to show what a good job you did!

  3. I love that you fooled your husband! This sounds so fun!

  4. I'm sure these would be well received here. They love all desserts.

  5. Thanks for joining in, Sneha. What a fun recipe.