Snowdon Pudding#EatTheWorld

A traditional steamed pudding recipe with a citrus sponge and topped with raisins – a comforting dessert from the Snowdon region - North Wales. Snowdon pudding, as it’s called, is flavored with lemon marmalade, since I couldn't get hold of lemon marmalade, used orange marmalade made out of palm sugar.
I have also made it with vegetarian suet - clarified butter. This is served lemon sauce traditionally, but, I preferred drizzling a little honey over the top when it was still warm.
This is a delicious pudding, made two bowls of the same, one my hubby took for a brunch party with friends.

65 Grams Suet/Clarified Butter - melted
15 Grams Corn flour
75 Grams Brown Sugar
120 Grams Fresh Bread Crumbs
50 Grams Golden Raisins
3 Large Eggs
75 Grams Lemon or Orange Marmalade
1 Teaspoon Lemon or Orange Zest
2 Tablespoons Honey - to drizzle on top

Mix all the dry ingredients together in a large bowl, keeping a half of the raisins a side.
Beat the eggs and marmalade, sugar together, then stir in the melted clarified butter, give it a mix. Add this into the dry ingredients mix it well.
Grease a pudding mold and sprinkle the leftover raisins over the bottom.
Pour in the batter, cover the mouth with of greaseproof paper or a double foil, creating a two pleat across the center should the pudding expand over the top of the pudding mold.
Place the mold into a pan of boiling water, cover the pan with a lid and steam till done ( since I used two bowls to make these it took just 35 minutes ), ensuring that the water in the pan never gets lower than ¼ of the way up the level of the mold. 

Do not steam them too long or they will turn hard and loose it softness. Switch off the flame and let it cool in pan. When still hot remove the mold from the pan and let cool a little before tipping it out onto a serving plate.
Drizzle with the honey whilst still warm. Slice and enjoy hot or cold.
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Sneha's Recipe

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  1. This looks delicious! Thanks for joining the fun, Sneha.

  2. I've always been tempted to try a steamed pudding. This one looks delicious!