Split Green Moong Khichdi /Chilkewali Moong Dal Khichdi#SundayFunday

This Khichdi is delicious, full of proteins, nutritious, satisfying, nourishing and most of all it's a complete one pot meal.

¾ Cup Split Green Moong/Chilkewali Moong Dal
1¼ Cup Rice
1 Small Onion - 
½ Teaspoon Ginger Paste
½ Teaspoon Chopped Garlic
1½ Teaspoon Cumin Seeds
½ Teaspoon Asafoetida
2" Cinnamon Stick
8-10 Whole Black Peppercorns
¼ Teaspoon Turmeric Powder
Salt To Taste
1 Tablespoon Desi Ghee Or Oil
4½ Cups Water

Wash and soak rice and dal in 2 cups of water for 20 -30 minutes. Wash gently so that the skin from the dal doesn't come off, 2 - 3 times is more than enough. Measure the water because we are going to use the same water to make the khichdi.
In a pan, heat ghee or oil ( I used desi ghee). Add cumin seeds when they, sizzle, add asafoetida, cinnamon and peppercorns, sauté for a second then add the onions. Cook just till onions are translucent. 
Add ginger, garlic, salt and turmeric, sauté for a minute or two.
Add 2½ cups water and bring it to a boil.
Add the soaked rice, dal and the water in which it was soaked in, stir well but carefully, taking care that the grains of rice do not break. Bring this to a rolling boil.
Mix again lightly, cover and cook on low flame for 10-12 minutes or this the rice and dal are fully cooked.
If all the water has been absorbed, the khichdi is done. Give it a light stir so that the dal is rice is mixed well. Cover and cook for a 2 -3 minutes. Switch off the flame and let is sit for another 3 to 5 minute. Before serving, lightly fork to separate the grains.
Serve piping hot topped with desi ghee, yogurt, a fried chilly, chopped onion, a slice of lemon and garlic chutney. 
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For our event called Sunday Funday, wherein we share recipes our families will love to enjoy on a Sunday. Our theme for Sunday Funday: " Rice".

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Sneha's Recipe

Happy Home-maker and culinary enthusiast.


  1. A perfect meatless Monday meal. Thanks Sneha and thanks again for hosting.

  2. This sounds amazing. I love the spices.

  3. Oiy! That looks so amazing!! I even have all of the ingredients needed, I can't wait to try this.

  4. Sneha, love khichdi so much. In fact I make it at least once a week. Total comfort food with yogurt or kadhi.