Hunter Beef Sandwiches#Foodieextravaganza

These Beef Sandwiches are incredibly delicious and filling. A perfect meal to carry for your office lunch or kids school lunch box. You can cut up beef roast in smaller portions, repackaged it and send this as a gift to your loved ones or carry them for a party. 
For the recipe  the Hunter Beef Roast check the recipe here.

Hunter Beef  - sliced / shredded
Cheese slices - as required
Mayonnaise - as required
Dijon Mustard - as required
Romaine Lettuce - as required
Pickled Radish Slices - as required
Tomato Slices - as required
Butter as required to Toast
Hot Dog Buns/Bread Slices

Slice the Hunter Beef thinly or shred it whatever way you wish. I have made burger's as well as sandwiches with this.

For the shredded Hunter Beef sandwiches 
I, shredded the beef and then buttered the slices , topped it shredded hunter beef and enjoyed.
For the Hot Dog Buns
Applied butter to the hot dog buns then toasted it, slathered it with mayo then Dijon mustard, then placed a lettuce leaf, arranged the hunter beef slices, tomato slices and pickled radish on top, placed a slices of cheese, closed the buns.
Serve and enjoy!! 
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Sneha's Recipe
Sneha's Recipe

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  1. Delicious looking sandwiches. Love that you used hot dog buns.

  2. I love a hearty sandwich, that looks delicious.

  3. I haven't heard corned beef called hunter's beef before. The sandwich sounds wonderful.

  4. How have I never thought to make a sandwich with the leftovers!?