Chocolate Rabri Mango Kulfi#SundayFunday

This is a dessert lovers summer delight for this delish King of Fruit!

A whole Alphonso mango stuffed with Chocolate Rabri And Dry Fruits... you will love this Mango slice kulfi. A delight of old Delhi stuffed fruit kulfi. Yum.. Yum.. Dil Maange More !!

The procedure is lengthy and time consuming but worth the effort.

2 Big Alphonso Ripe Mango or any firm mango
1 Cup Rabri - Unsweetened - Homemade
40 Grams Milk Chocolate - chopped
Dry Fruits as required

Heat the Rabri - Unsweetened - Homemade , take off flame and add the chopped chocolate and let it melt. Keep this aside.
In the meanwhile chopped the dry fruits.
When the chocolate rabri cools add the fruits, mix well keep aside.
Now let's prepare the Mango for stuffing
Cut a round slice of mango from top (keep this aside for capping - will require this while freezing the mango).
Take a pointed knife and insert it carefully through this cut
gently move it around the seed to loosen it from the mango.
Gently twist the Mango seed slowly with a pair of tongs so
that it leaves the mango base. Now carefully pull out the seed
A hollow is created
Do the same for the next mango.
Place the mango in a fitting bowl that will hold it straight.
Stuff it with Chocolate Rabri.
Fill it till the top
Cap the mango with the slice.
Cover the mango with cling film. Keep it in the deep freezer for a day.
The next day take this stuffed frozen mango, wear gloves or use a cloth to hold the frozen Mango as it will be too cold to hold and immediately gently peel the skin ( do not defrost the mango to avoid it from softening and there by increasing excess ice formation).
At this stage if you feel that the mango is soft again cover it with a cling film and freeze it.
Once frozen its ready to be served. Cut the Chocolate Rabri Mango Kulfi into this slices and serve chilled.
Enjoy !! Yum Yum!!
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Celebrating National Ice Cream Day:

Sneha's Recipe
Sneha's Recipe

Happy Home-maker and culinary enthusiast.


  1. What a unique idea Sneha. Love how you've stuffed rabri in a whole mango, must be so delicious.

  2. What a great idea! I would never have thought to stuff fruit with ice cream. Definitely need to try this! - Faith, Hope, Love, & Luck - Colleen

  3. That sounds so good. What a gorgeous mango too!