Mango Mastani - A Mango Ice Cream Sundae

Mango Mastani is a very popular kind of milkshake, I would say a sundae which originated in Pune and many different flavors of this are also available. It's a rich sundae. 
So delicious and filling, would suggest that have it before lunch, so that you can really enjoy this and skip lunch altogether. That's what me and my hubby did. For two tall glasses I finished a 750 Ml pack of ice cream, so you can see how rich in calories this is.  
Makes 2 Tall Glasses
3 Medium Alphonso Mangoes
750 ML Vanilla Ice cream or Butterscotch
250 Ml Full Cream Milk - chilled
For Garnishing1 Medium Alphonso Mango
Chopped Almond, Pistachios
Glazed Cherries
Finely Chopped Tutti Frutti

Peel them mangoes , remove seed and cut it into pieces ( or can use ready to use puree packs or canned mangoes) but this taste more delicious with fresh mangoes.
For garnishing scoop out balls with a small melon scoop.  Use the remaining pulp for the blending.
In a blender jar, add the chopped mangoes, milk and 3 scoops of ice cream ( used butterscotch ice cream). Blend this till smooth.
Mango smoothie is ready, it should be thick yet pourable. 
In a serving glass, add few chopped nuts, a glazed cherry. 
Top it with a scoop of ice cream.  
Now pour a little of the blended mango smoothie.  
Again top it with a small scoop of ice cream and chopped  nuts, tutti frutti, cherries. looking so yum..
Again pour the smoothie(leaving space for the ice cream and garnish say ¾ th of the glass).  
Top it with a big scoop of ice cream , a sprinkle of chopped nuts, tutti frutti, glazed cherry and melon balls.  
Serve this immediately with a spoon  or straw.
Enjoy... eat, sip, slurp.... glass of deliciousness.
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Sneha's Recipe
Sneha's Recipe

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