Fried Bombils / Bombay Ducks With Temprado Masala#FishFriday

Our Theme this month for Fish Friday Foodies is Inspired By Your Travels and our host is Camilla M. Mann
Goan are basically fish eater's and they love to eat fish every day. I have visited Goa umpteen number of times. What I, enjoy eating most is their fish preparations, tangy, spicy .. mouth watering. This is one of the recipes of Goa, a simple and spicy fried fish with Temprado Masala- Homemade, some call it Green Recheado Masala or Green Masala. 
Bombils have a lot of water content and the secret to perfect crisp fried bombils is to remove as much moisture as you can from the fish before frying them. Makes a great appetizer as they taste the best from pan to the plate!

Read My Notes and follow each step carefully before you start - to get a crispy and tasty Fried Bombils.

10 Fresh Bombils /Fresh Bombay Ducks
3 Tablespoons Heaped Temprado Masala- Homemade
½ Teaspoon Salt
1 Cup Heaped Fine Rawa/Semolina or as required
¼ Cup Heaped Rice Flour or Corn flour - I used rice flour
Oil as required for frying

Wash and clean the Bombils.
 Slit each of the bombil lengthwise. 
Open up each of the fish and flatten them with your hands. 
Place them on the kitchen platform.
 Take another plate and cover the fish
 Keep some weight over that plate. (This is done to remove all the water from the bombils). for 30 to 45 minutes.
 Pat them a fresh kitchen towel ( I use an old cloth which I can throw away ). 
They should be absolutely dry.
Rub salt. Apply the Temprado Masala- Homemade , individually on all sides using your hands. Keep this aside to marinate for at least 20 minutes or more in the refrigerator.
To Crumb Coat
Mix the rawa and rice flour well, spread it in a plate and keep aside.
Now tilt the plate in which the Bombil is marinated to remove excess water. Take each Bombil and press it into the rawa - rice flour mix on both sides nicely by pressing to crumb coat well.
Keep the crumb coated Bombils aside covered and refrigerate them for at least 15 minutes. 
Heat a pan with a tablespoon of oil and place only 3 Bombils in a pan to fry at a time. (see My Notes for frying ). 
Fry till golden brown. Serve this with tomato slices or any green salad with a drizzle of lemon juice.  
So yummy and finger licking.

My Notes 
Do not add too much oil in the pan to fry the Bombils or else they disintegrate. 
Do not crowd the pan with too many Bombils at a time.
Fry one side on high flame for 2 minutes then reduce the flame to low and leave it to golden brown one side, then flip and just drizzle a teaspoon of oil on the pan and fry this side on low flame only till golden brown and crisp.
Do not flip the fish too many times, the Bombils will disintegrate. 
Wait till one side is perfectly golden brown done, then flip it carefully, tenderly with love. 
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Happy Home-maker and culinary enthusiast.


  1. Sneha! That looks absolutely delicious. I am going to have to do some reading as to what I can substitute for Bombils. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I've never had bombils before but I love fried fish! I need to hunt some down!

  3. Haha...I have never heard of Bombay Ducks and was scratching my head wondering why you were sharing duck for Fish Friday Foodies. This sounds like a wonderful dish.

  4. That coating on your fish looks SO wonderful!!