Homemade Jujube /Jelly Sweets#SundayFunday

Jujube or Jube, is the name of jelly candy or gummy sweets. Jujube's are sweet in taste, colorful, made with different flavors using the corresponding essences, like orange color and orange essence. Jujubes are light and melt in the mouth. These have a shelf life of a month or more.
4 Oz Citrus Juice - see notes
5 Pouches Unflavored Gelatin - see notes
5 Oz Water
500 Grams Granulated Sugar
Color & Essence - of your choice

Most important
- keep the well oiled tray's with a drop of color and essence ready.

Soak Gelatin in the citrus juice.
In a heavy bottomed pan add the water and water and keep this on medium flame stirring till the sugar dissolves. Once the sugar dissolves add the soaked gelatin, increase the flame to high and with a wooden spatula stir it continuously breaking the lumps of the gelatin for exactly 4 minutes ( set a timer). Once 4 minutes are up. Switch off the flame.
Divide this into the oiled trays accordingly, remove the layer of scum from top so that you get clear jelly sweets/candy.
Let this set covered with a lid taking care that it does not tough the candy layer. Keep it over night on your counter top. Do not refrigerate this.
Then next morning. Take a cutting board and spread a generous layer of caster sugar on top. Then loosen the sides of the tray with a well oiled knife. Unmold on to the caster sugar and cut into desired size and shape of your choice. 
I have also set them in silicone molds that are well oiled. These too keep overnight to set.
Take a bowl filled with caster sugar as required for coating the jujube's.
Once you cut the desired shape that immediately place them into the bowl of caster sugar and roll them well so that the are well coated with caster sugar. Shake them afterwards in a colander to remove any excess sugar coating.
Store them in a airtight container for a month or more.
Kid's and adults too love these candies, do try them.

My Notes
One pouch of gelatin is 10 grams. So you require 50 grams unflavored gelatin.
For the Citrus Juice - Use one Large orange and one large lemon to extract the juice.
Add the gelatin as soon as the sugar melts, do not bring the sugar syrup to a boil.
Set a timer once you add the gelatin to the sugar syrup and increase the flame to high.
I have used pizza cutter to cut the candy.
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Sneha's Recipe
Sneha's Recipe

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