White Chicken - Mughlai Cuisine

This  is a chicken dish  in white gravy, hence it is called White chicken. It can be made with boneless or  with bones,  it will still taste delicious.  I, have used chicken with bones and this dish was too  yummy. Its a very rich gravy made of yogurt, poppy seeds, cashewnuts and cream.  It's a  Mughlai cuisine and makes a fantastic  party dish and mildly spiced.

1/2 kg Chicken - cut into medium pieces
2  Medium Onions  - sliced
4 Tablespoons Heaped Yogurt - beaten
3 Long Green chillies
Tablespoons Ginger Garlic paste
Tablespoons Fresh Cream
12 Whole cashewnuts
Tablespoons Poppy seeds / Khus Khus
1/4 Cup Warm Milk
Whole  Spices
1 Bay leaf
1 Big Brown Cardamom 
2 Green Cardamoms
2 Cloves 
2 Black peppercorns 
1 Teaspoon Cumin seeds 
1 Stick Cinnamon
Oil as required

Marinate chicken in yogurt, ginger garlic paste, salt and keep aside for 1/2 hour.

Soak the cashewnuts and poppy seeds in 1/4 cup warm milk for at least 1/2 hour.  Then grind this to a fine paste with the milk.  Keep aside.
Saute  the onions in 2 tablespoons  oil,  till then turn light pink then add all the whole spices and green chillies saute till the spices release an aroma ( do not brown the onions or else the color of the dish will change). Let this cool completely then grind it to a fine paste with little water.

Saute the marinated chicken with 2 tablespoons oil on high heat till chicken becomes soft for 10 mins. Add the ground  onion and spice paste and saute till oil surfaces. Add  the cashew and poppy seeds paste and stir till well incorporated and on low flame let it simmer for 10 minutes or till oil surfaces and chicken is done.  

Keep giving it a stir after every 2 minutes or else it will burn at the bottom of the pan.   Drizzle a little cream. 
 Garnish with sprigs of mint leaves and  serve it with Hyderabadi Parathas or naan or any crusty bread.  

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Sneha's Recipe
Sneha's Recipe

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