Sub Style Tuna Fish Sandwich#FishFriday

Fish or Seafood Sandwiches is the theme for the event for Fish Friday Foodies this month our host is Sue Lau.  Baked a Long French Loaf With Seeds for Bread Bakers last week.   Made a Sub Style Tuna Fish Sandwich, delicious and yummy.
Serves 2
Long French Loaf With Seeds - can use any french loaf
1 Small Tin Tuna fish 
6 Lettuce Leaves 
Tomato Slices
Cucumber Slices
Olives - Green or Black - sliced
Other add-inns of your choice
Black Pepper powder as required
Sweet Chilly Sauce as required

Drain the tuna in sieve. Flake it and keep aside
Cut the bread in two pieces.  Slice each piece in the center.
Spread Mayonnaise, then the lettuce leaves, tuna,  sprinkle black pepper powder.  
Arrange the cucumber,  tomato slices, add some olives ( forgot to add it) again top it with mayonnaise 
and sweet chilly sauce.  
Cover it and enjoy.

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Sneha's Recipe
Sneha's Recipe

Happy Home-maker and culinary enthusiast.


  1. Love tuna fish sandwiches...simple and delicious...especially with all the add ons that you included.

  2. Looks delicious, Sneha! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love a good tuna sandwich! Delicious, Sneha! P~

  4. My daughter and I would both agree that tuna makes an awesome sandwich, as yours certainly is! Tanks for joining in this month.

  5. How cool to make this with your seeded bread! Sounds delicious!

  6. I like the addition of the sweet chili sauce to this sandwich. I always have a bottle on hand, and think that would be a great addition.