Kalakand - Homemade

Kalakand is a very traditional and delicious sweet dessert, made with whole milk and paneer, a barfi, it's soft, mouth melting and grainy in texture. This is very  popular  in India and Pakistan.   I made this sweet double the quantity as half the quantity  went to my friends who I, visited during Ganapati festival.

1.1/2 + 1.1/2 Liters Milk.
2 Tablespoons Vinegar or lemon juice
150 Grams Sugar powder
2 Tablespoons Pistachios - sliced
2 Tablespoon Almonds - sliced


Vinegar or lemon juice mix it in 1/4 cup water, keep aside.

Take a deep heavy vessel to make the paneer and pour 1.1/2 liters milk in it. Keep it on medium flame till it just comes to a boil add the vinegar / lemon juice in it and let the milk curdle Once the solid separates from the milk sieve the mixture with a clean cloth and strain the excess water. After straining the water, wash the paneer in fresh water for 2 to 3 times. Keep it to drain. After the water nearly drains, grate the paneer and keep aside.

In a heavy bottom kadai bring the other 1.1/2 liter of milk to boil. Let this boil till it reduces to half the quantity. . Keep on stirring the milk with a spoon at short intervals so it doesn't stick at the bottom of the pan. The consistency of the milk will become extremely thick once it is reduced to half.

Now add the paneer to the milk and stir it continuously. Cook the mixture till it gets thick and looks like mawa. Add sugar to it and stir the mixture. Cook it till the mixture reaches the consistency of making a barfi.

Grease a tray it with little ghee. Pour the mixture into the tray and let it set. Garnish the mixture with sliced pistachios and almonds.

Your Kalakand is ready. Cut it into desired shape and size and serve ... Enjoy.   These went to my friends who I, visited during Ganapati festival.

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Sneha's Recipe
Sneha's Recipe

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