These are flaky and gooey nuttella parcels, wherein when you bite into it nutella oozes out. Simply yummy and delicious. These parcels I made for our evening tea. They were finished in jiffy. Try them and you too will enjoy.

While making these parcels I had a tough time.  Heat was too much and the pastry sheets were just melting and soft.  Had to refrigerate after every step.


5 Square Puff pastry sheets

For the filling

Nutella as required
1 egg + 1 tablespoon water, for egg wash

To assemble the parcels:

Preheat oven to 180 degrees . Line a sheet pan with parchment paper.

Defrost the sheets and cut into squares (of one sheet I got 2 parcels) Top with a teaspoon of Nutella.

Brush edges with the egg wash. Top with the other half  and press to seal. 

Use the back of a fork to press a decorative edge around the parcels.  Refrigerate them for at least half an hour.

Brush tops with egg was.  Bake until crust is golden. Let cool slightly and serve immediately. 

These parcels are best had the day they are baked, but will keep at room temperature for a few days.

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sneha datar
sneha datar

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  1. Lovely.. i also made same recipe for nutella theme

  2. irresistible... would love to gobble a few right now!!

  3. Perfectly made Nutella puffs. They must have tasted great.

  4. OMG, My lil one will love these parcels!

  5. what an easy and yummy snack...perfect treat for kids..

  6. Awesome puffs! My daughter will not rest till she finishes all...have to try it soon.

  7. I know my kids will love these!..very neatly done..