Badam Elachie Shrikand

This month marathon begins with desserts chosen from a given list. This list has so many desserts that it was really difficult to choose exactly what I wanted to do. I have already posted a Shrikand recipe Mango Shrikand/ Amarkand. But when this was there on list I instantly first choose this as this is my hubby's favorite.

Shrikand is classic Indian desert and also a part of the Gujarati thali. It is generally served with the puri or khajli. It is one of the prime sweet delicacies from the Gujarati and Maharastrian Cuisines. It's a semi solid softy Shrikand. Shrikand is eaten as a side-dish or as a dessert.

Made using whole milk hung curd, cream and sugar. Shrikand has a sweet flavour with a rich, creamy texture.


500 ML Full Cream Milk
1 Tablespoon Curds
1/2 Teaspoon Cardamon powder

A pinch of nutmeg powder
3 Tablespoons Sugar powdered
2 Tablespoons Badam/Almond -  finely chopped


Heat the milk till just lightly warm. Remove from heat add the curds and mix well, keep this to set. When set take a cheese cloth, pour the curds into it and strain the curds. Keep this cloth in the fridge in a sieve for all the excess water to drain or else the curds will turn sour. You can keep it for 3 - 4 hours or even overnight.

Place this in a blender with the sugar and pulse it 3 times add the elachie and nutmeg powder and again pulse it 3 times. Remove it in a serving bowl, add the badam/ almond pieces and keep to it the fridge till cold ( 3 hours). Serve chilled and enjoy !!!.

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  1. Love welcome all flavours!

  2. Luscious and creamy dessert!! Though tasted at restaurants, have never tried at home!

  3. That is a nice flavor for Shrikhand.

  4. Very refreshing and aromatic shrikhand.

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  9. Give me that shrikhand, i want that bowl, so tempting and droolworthy.

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  11. Creamy, refreshing and delicious Shrikand.