Sholeh Zard – Persian Rice Pudding

This month in Mena's Cooking Club , I am travelling to Persia (Iran), and this is a sweet recipe chosen by our host Sanam of My Persian Kitchen. Sholeh Zard, a Persian rice pudding.

Sholeh Zard is very sweet and we had it as a dessert, however it is normally served as a Persian appetizer. The flavors are, saffron and rose water. Saffron has a very unique flavor and makes food yellow, naturally! Since saffron is very expensive, I have used a pinch and added turmeric powder to give that awesome color as you can see in the pics.

Serves: 6
1 Cup Rice - short grain variety
6 Cups Water
1 Cup + 2 Teaspoons Sugar
½ Teaspoon Saffron
1 Teaspoon Turmeric (for brighter color)
1 Cup Rose Water
1/4 Teaspoon Rose essence
1/3 Cup Almonds - silvered


Bring 6 cups of water to a boil, add in short grain rice. Allow this mixture to boil until the rice is relatively soft. Keep removing the scum that rises to the surface.

Soak the saffron with a little warm water 
and keep aside.

Once the rice is soft, add in sugar, rose water, essence, almonds ( reserve few for decoration), turmeric and saffron water. Stir and let simmer till the sugar melts and the water is evaporated and rice is soft and still fluffy, add more hot water if needed.

Garnish with almonds and serve. Enjoy!

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Sneha's Recipe
Sneha's Recipe

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  2. Beautiful Sholeh Zard! Would love to try some.

  3. nicely decorated and yummy pudding!!!

  4. G'day a gorgeous recipe indeed! Congrats on completing this month's Iranian Cuisine Challenge!
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  5. Nice, I like the savvy tip too :). Lovely presentation my dear.