Breakfast - Leftover Rice & Sabzi - Quick Schezwan Rice

September 5, 2014

This is first recipe of the left over series.    I had some Carrot and Potato Sabzi, boiled Rice left of the previous day.  This how the recipe is invented.  I always keep Schezwan sacue in the fridge.  This is a home made schezwan sauce, will post the recipe soon.  Let me tell you that I, enjoyed this breakfast.  It was quick to make that even after coming from my walk, I made this in just matter of 10 minutes .  It turned out so yum and  wanted to eat more but that was all that was there left of the previous day, had to be satisfied. A hassle  free recipe here it is  for you.

1/4 Cup Leftover Carrot and Potato Sabzi
1   Cup Leftover Boiled Rice
2  Tablespoons Schezwan Sauce.
1   Tablespoons Oil
Salt to taste

In a pan heat the oil add the schezwan sauce and a tablespoon of water and mix well till it boils.  Then add the sabzi and rice and toss it on high flame.  Add salt to taste.  Serve hot.  Enjoy this breakfast.  This can be given  to children in tiffin box.  If  you want to add any other vegetables be free to do so and make it even more healthy.

Sending this to Mireille's and Elizabeth who are hosting this event.

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Sneha's Recipe
Sneha's Recipe

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  1. Ooh I like the sound of this for breakfast! Nice and spicy :) Thank you for sharing with the No Waste Food Challenge!

  2. Bonjour from me at via #NoWasteFoodChallenge - love the look of this recipe - a really nice and easy dish full of spice. Do pop over and say hello :-) Love to share more recipes....