Jowar Roti


3/4 Cup Jowar Flour
1/2 Cup Wheat Flour
A pinch of salt
Water for kneading


Sieve both the flours, keep aside.

In a microwave proof bowl pour a cup of water, add salt and heat the water on high for 1 minute.  Then add the flours and mix well. Knead into a smooth dough if necessary using a little more warm water. Once kneaded, knead more for about 5mins. This roti is usually make with  Jowar flour but  since it is difficult to make I , have added wheat flour so that it rolled easily.

Take a large marble size dough and knead it lightly again and .

Roll it lightly by applying less pressure with the help of sorghum flour to a 5 inch disc. Seal the edges if any cracks appear.

Put it on a hot griddle and flip immediately before it’s half cooked.

Cook the other side properly till light dark spot appear, at this point flip the roti.Once flipped, the roti puffs. Once puffed, remove.

Make all rotis in the similar fashion. Serve hot. Before serving apply ghee/clarified butter.

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sneha datar

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