Khabeesa- Oman#EatTheWorld

Khabeesa is a traditional sweet dish popular in Arab States of the Persian Gulf, and common in Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. It's commonly served during Eid as it's packed with flavor to make the day extra special. Some used all purpose flour and some use semolina to make this dish.
This dish is similar to what we make in India and called it kesari rawa. They add condensed milk, caramelize the sugar and use lot of flavorings like, rose water, saffron and ground cardamom. It is a very flavorful dessert that takes hardly any time to put together. Made this for high tea for friends they enjoyed it!

1 Cup Semolina/ Rawa
2 Tablespoon Granulated Sugar
3½ Cups Milk
1 Cup Condensed Milk
50 Grams Butter or Desi Ghee- I used butter
½ Teaspoon Cardamom Ground
1 Tablespoon Rose Water
A Large Pinch Saffron

In a pan, add the sugar and occasionally swirl the pan to mix the sugar and help it caramelize evenly. Then pour three cups of milk into the pan. Add the saffron and condensed milk, rose water, cardamom powder & butter stir let it come to a boil on medium heat. 
In a large pan, add the semolina/rawa and roast it until the color changes to just light pink color. Add two cups of the caramel mixture to it and mix for a minute. Next, add the remaining milk mixture and mix very well, so that no lumps are formed. Now cover and let is cook covered for 7 minutes on medium low flame. Keep a check and give it a stir after every 2 minutes so that it does not burn at the bottom of the pan.

The Khabeesa mixture will look like big wet clumps but within seven minutes, it will turn to a lighter texture and more like wet fluffy crumbs. 
Your delicious Khabeesa is ready to be served. Fluff it with a fork. When you serve the Khabeesa, garnish it with chopped nuts or shredded coconut.

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