Thai Fried Chicken Wings With Red Fiery Sauce#Foodieextravaganza

This sauce is super delicious. Fiery, but it does not burn your mouth. You will love, you'll be licking your fingers for sure.

Serves 4

For The Marination 
9 Chicken Wings With Skin
2 Tablespoons All Purpose Flour
1 Tablespoon Heaped Potato Starch/Corn flour
¼ Teaspoon Heaped Baking powder
1 Teaspoon Sesame seeds
1 Tablespoon Thai Red Curry Paste
1 Teaspoons Lemon juice
1 Small Egg
¼ Teaspoon Salt
½ Teaspoon Chicken powder
1/8 Teaspoon White pepper 
For The Red Fiery Sauce
½ Cup Water
½ Teaspoons Red Pepper Flakes
1 Teaspoon Ketchup
2 Tablespoons Sweet & Sour Sauce
½ Teaspoon Vinegar
1 Teaspoon Sugar
1 Teaspoons Corn flour - dissolved

For Wings Marination
Marinate chicken wings with all the given ingredients for 30 minutes, or overnight in the refrigerator.
Mix the all purpose flour, baking powder, potato starch and sesame seeds well.
Before frying add the egg and the flour mix. Mix well so that the wings are coated with this mixture.
Heat oil in a deep frying pan , place the wings in a single layer (fry them in batches), let them fry on medium low flame for 10 minutes on one side, then turn the sides and let it fry for another 5 minutes . Then fry the next batch of wings. Remove them to when done. Just before serving refry them in hot oil on high flame for just 2 - 3 minutes or till crisp and golden.
For The Red Fiery Sauce 
Mix all given ingredients except the corn flour in a sauce pan, cook till mixture reduce to nearly half. Mix the corn flour in a tablespoon water, add it to the sauce and keep stirring till it thickens.
Serve the fried wings with this Red Fiery Sauce.  
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Sneha's Recipe
Sneha's Recipe

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