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East Indian Masala Dal Without Coconut, Stir Fry Bhendi & Sweet & Tangy Radish Tomato Salad
My today's simple lunch, brought fresh memories of my father and mother. By the way yesterday was my mother's birthday. Missed them even so much today, that as my hubby and me were having lunch, shared some memories of my dad and mom. My dad making fresh salad and chopping fruits for us almost every day. 
My mom making different dishes for us for breakfast, lunch, dinner and more so ever, even made, evening snacks for us to have with tea. I now, learned to appreciate how hard she worked for us, cause I don't even have half the energy that she had , who cooked for so many of us. Love you Dad and Ma, May your souls rest in peace. 

Let's go to our today's Lunch Menu Serves 3 -4

East Indian Masala Dal Without Coconut

½ Cup Masoor Dal / Red Lentil
3 Big Cloves Garlic - smashed lightly
4 -5 Curry Leaves
1 Medium Onion - sliced
1 Tablespoon East Indian Bottle Masala or to your spice level
4 Slices Amboshi + 1 Dried seed - Homemade
3 Tablespoons Oil
Salt to taste
250 ML Hot Water 


Wash and soak the dal for 30 to 45 minutes. Drain it and keep aside.
In a kadai, heat oil, when the oil is hot the add the smashed garlic and let it sizzle till starts curl, do not brown it or else the flavor of the dal will be different. Add the curry leaves and sliced onion, fry till the onion is translucent , add the dal and bottle masala. Fry this for at least 3 -4 minutes on low medium flame. Add hot water and bring this to a rolling boil. Cover with a lid and let it cook on low flame till the dal is cooked and oil surfaces. Now add salt and the amboshi, cover with a lid, let it simmer for another 5 minutes. Do not make the curry too thin/ watery or else it will not be tasty.  

East Indian Masala Dal Without Coconut is ready. We enjoyed this with rice.
Stir Fry Bhendi / Lady Fingers
700 Grams Bhendi / Lady Fingers
2 Long Green Chilly - Slit
½ Teaspoon Heaped Cumin Seeds
½ Teaspoon Mustard Seeds
A Pinch of Asafoetida
¼ Teaspoon Turmeric Powder
5 -6 Curry Leaves
Salt to taste
3 Tablespoons Oil
12 Thin French Fries - pan fried

Cut the top and tail of the bhendi and cut them into diagonal pieces.
Heat oil in a broad frying pan , add cumin and mustard seeds, when they splutter add the asafoetida and turmeric, add the curry leaves and slit green chilly saute for a minute add the bhendi and saute on medium low till they are cooked, stirring in between. When nearly done add salt and plate a lid on the pan and let it cook till done. Add the french fries and toss it.
Stir fry bhendi is ready.
Sweet & Tangy Radish Tomato Salad
1 Radish - grated
1 Large Tomato - thinly sliced
Salt to taste
½ Teaspoon Sugar
1 Tablespoon Water
1 - 1½ Teaspoon Vinegar

In a small pan add water and sugar place it on medium flame, heat it till the sugar melts. Switch of the flame add the vinegar and salt. Taste for sourness and add more vinegar accordingly. Let this cool.
When you are just ready to serve, pour the vinegar dressing over the salad and toss it well. Salad is ready to serve.
Homemade Amboshi / Sun Dried Raw Mango Slices
Amboshi as is sun dried Raw mango slices. 
4 -5 Firm Raw Mangoes
1 Tablespoon Heaped Sea Salt

Peel the mangoes and cut into into slices. Add salt on the slices, the seeds and rub the salt well ( do not add more salt or else when dried they will turn black). Keep this in the colander and let is sit overnight so that the excess salt and water drains off. Next morning spread it in a broad plate or a soopra ( a woven basket).  Place this in the sun till fully dried for 4 -5 days depending on the sunlight . Every evening take it into the house. Again next morning place it in the sun. When dried this can be powdered and you will get Amchur Powder. Of this amboshi we make pickle that is sweet and delicious will post the recipe soon.
My Notes:
If you don't have amboshi then add tamarind juice or one medium tomato chopped.  Add the tomato when you add the dal.
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Sneha's Recipe
Sneha's Recipe

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