Stuffed Gunda/Lasoda Pickle With Mango#Foodieextravaganza

Indian cuisine is incomplete without pickles. You will find hundreds of varieties in Pickles from different parts of India. Here is one type of pickle from North India, which is known as Leswa Ka Achar/Gunda/Lasoda Pickle. There are so many names for this Goonda, Gunda, Lasoda , Auriyaa Lasoda, Glueberries. Lahsyade in Himachal Pradesh.
This is a homemade Lasoda Pickle. Made the traditional way with authentic Indian spices all in your kitchen pantry, used mostly daily for cooking. 
Just 15 - 20 minutes of work and your will have a different spicy and yummy pickle. If you want less oil then please refrigerate this or else it will mildew and your effort will go to waste. This pickle fills  one kg jam bottle.

250 Grams Gunda/Lasoda
1 Tablespoon Sea Salt
1/4 Teaspoon Turmeric
1/2 Cup Grated Pickle Mango
1/3 Cup Homemade Pickle Masala
Gingelly / Sesame Oil as required
1 Tablespoon Heaped Pickle Masala

Heat 1 ½ to 2 cups of sesame oil till hot only, do not bring it to a boiling point. Let this oil cool completely.
Remove the gunda from the bunch. Wash them very well and dry it.
Then take each gunda and with cut it with a knife, press the gunda and remove/discard the seed, cap.
like wise do these to all, the seeds are remove.
The gunda's are ready for the next process.
Take a tablespoon of sea salt and apply it inside of each gunda, keep this aside.
Grate a medium pickle mango add the turmeric powder, pickle masala. Keep aside.
In a bowl mix the grated mango and homemade pickle masala well. 
Fill it in each gunda. 
They all are filled and ready. Sprinkle a tablespoon heaped pickle masala on the gunda and mix well.
Fill these stuffed gunda in sterilized bottle.
Ready for the finale.
Pour oil over it, the oil should be at least 2 inch above the gunda's. Check after 2 days the gunda masala will absorb some of the oil. Add oil again to cover it at least an inch above the gunda. 
Cap it and cover it with a clean cloth, enjoy after 15 to 20 days.
Enjoy this Stuffed Gunda / Lasoda Pickle With Mango.. yum yum..
My Notes
If you do not want to add too much oil then mix in ½ cup of oil and refrigerate this pickle, this shelf life is only 2 to 3 weeks.

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Sneha's Recipe
Sneha's Recipe

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  1. I am SO intrigued by this recipe...not the least of which is because I have never seen that fruit. If I can get my hands on some, I will definitely try this process. Thanks for joining me, Sneha.

  2. Another ingredient with which I am unfamiliar but they sound wonderful.

  3. Gunda is completely new to me! I'll have to check in Little India here to see if they have some!

  4. I had to look it up because I am unfamiliar with this little fruit also. It is apparently very popular for making pickle since it's sour to begin with. Wish I could give this a try!

  5. This is an amazing pickle and would love to try. I need to check in the groceries here where I can get gunda. Thanks for sharing the recipe.