Shengdana Chikki / Peanut Brittle#FantasticalFoodFight

Peanuts in Maharashtra is also know as Shengdana.  This  chikki  / candy / brittle is a quick and easy snack from Maharashtra a winter special sweet, crisp made with just two main ingredients - peanuts and jaggery. 
This an easy candy is very popular in India during winter months.  It is a perfect snack to gorge on in winters to keep your body warm.  It's made specially during the festival season of Lohri, Pongal and Makar Sankranti.
200 Grams Peanuts
200 Grams Jaggery
1 Teaspoon Desi Ghee(optional) - this is used to give a shine

2 Teaspoons Water

First keep all the essentials ready. 
Grease the tray or board the rolling pin with oil or ghee and keep aside.
Grate the jaggery and keep aside.
Roast and skin  the peanuts, separate them into two.
Keep a small bowl of water.
Heat jaggery  with  water   in a pan until it melts on medium low flame. 
Boil the jaggery  and keep stirring it continuously until
 it starts to bubble,  changes color and turns into hard crack consistency. (test its consistency by putting a drop in cold water- it should form a ball crack after you take it out).  Add the ghee and peanuts and mix thoroughly.  
Spread the mixture immediately and use the rolling pin, roll  to a centimeter thickness 
give cuts. Let it cool completely 
Take a knife and lift them up then break  into squares.  
Store them in an airtight container.
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