Spicy Peas - Microwave Recipe

Its winter and you will find the heaps of peas in every market.  These are so fresh and green that you are invariable tempted to buy them. Once at home, then comes the question of now what to do with them.  This is exactly what I experienced when I bought  kgs of them the other week. 


500  Grams Peas
8 Tablespoons Oil
1/2 Teaspoon Hing
2 Teaspoon Ajwain
Salt to taste

Grind to paste

1 Cup Coriander
6 Green Chillies
8 Flakes Garlic
2" Garlic
2 Tablespoon Lime juice
Salt to taste


Mix well all ingredients with the chutney,cover and keep in microwave high for 5 to 6 minutes. After every minute giving it a stir. 

If you feel that it is not coated well or cookeed  then keep for an additional minute or two also.  If done keep it in the mircowave for a standing time of  4 -5 minutes.  Remove and serve.

These were so yummy and super delicious that my daughter and me sat with a tray full of these and relished eating these as our dinner.

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