Chicken Fries

Chicken Fries are perfect snack or starter , dip in any of your delicious dipping sauces and enjoy. These are the fries that you get in fast food outlets abroad, try them and you too will enjoy.


300 Grams Chicken Breast - hand made kheema
1 Large Potato
1 + 1 Egg
1/2 Teaspoon Heaped Freshly ground Black pepper
1/2 Teaspoon Heaped Chilly Flakes
1 Teaspoon Salt
A Juice of Big Lemon - about 2 tablespoons
1/3 Cup Rice flour
1 Cup Dried Bread crumbs - for coating
1 Tablespoon Cornflour
Oil for frying


Peel and grate the potato when all ingredients are ready, or else they will turn brown. If you have grated it earlier then submerge it in bowl of water. Drain the water and squeeze out the excess water, as much as possible.In a chopper place the chicken, potato, salt, pepper, chilly flakes, and chopperize to a fine paste. Remove this mixture in to bowl. 

Add an egg, lemon juice and rice flour, mix all well 

Till it forms a dough. 

Divide into marble size balls, roll each portion into fries. Keep aside.

Lightly beat the other egg with a teaspoon of water, keep aside.

Mix the cornflour and bread crumbs well, spread this in a plate keep aside.

Take each chicken fries dip it in egg and roll it in bread crumbs and arrange them in  a tray in a single layer.
Heat oil in pan and deep fry in a single layer on low flame till crispy and golden. Do not touch them till they are fully done. Serve with chutney or a dipping of your choice 

These nuts are addictive - that you can't stop eating at one or two...

These make excellent snack or starters for a party. They can be given as tiffin to your kids to who really enjoy these type of snacks.

My Notes

These will give you at least 2 dozen or more of fries. I froze half of them in the refrigerator. To freeze just spread it in a single layer on a tray and place this in the freezer. When harden keep them in a container . Whenever you want to fry, just take them out of the freezer and immediately fry them. (these are not be defrosted) in hot oil.

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