I call this sandwich a Flying saucer because it looks like a disc-shaped flying craft. You give this to a child with this name, he or she will happily enjoy it. This how I use to give this to my daughter when she a little girl and very often she would say Ma make for me flying saucer.   If you have leftover potato sabzi then this is even quicker, I  make  this sandwich with whenever there is leftover potato sabzi.


6 Slices White bread
1 Cup Potato Sabzi
100 Grams Butter
Tomato Ketchup to serve


Spread butter on all the sides of bread, spread the potato sabzi on one slice.

Cover with second slice, place it in the toaster place, put over medium flame, turning occasionally on both side until done ( see pic).

 Serve with ketchup.

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sneha datar
sneha datar

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