Di San Xian - Vegetarian

Di San Xian (or more accurately read as 'dee sun sen') is a delicious vegetarian dish from Dongbei (north east China). The name Di San Xian is translated as 'earth three fresh'.

When I, was looking to the dishes list in wiki list, found this name, looked through the recipe was happy to read through this easy Chinese dish.The only thing I added more was chilly flakes to make it lightly spicy otherwise made it exactly as given. Also did not add light soy sauce since its not available here. Instead I added 3 teaspoon dark soy sauce.

Recipe Source here

1 Large Aubergine / Brinjal
2 - 3 Medium potato
1 Large Green Capsicum
1 Cup Oil for frying
2 large Clove Garlic
4 Stalks of Spring onion (scallion), use only the white part
2 Teaspoon Light Soy sauce - I did not add
2 Teaspoon Dark Soy sauce
1 Teaspoon Sugar
1/2 Cup Water
1 Cube of Vegetarian Soup cube
1 Teaspoon Cornflour -mix with 2 tablespoons water


Cut potatoes into thin wedges. 

Cut aubergine into thick wedges, remember it will shrink after cooking. Cut just before cooking to prevent browning or straight after frying the potatoes. Do not rinse or salt the aubergine.  

Cut capsicum  into thick wedges. 

Chop garlic and spring onion. 

Heat oil in work till hot then put in potatoes and fry till light golden brown and cooked through. Remove and drain on kitchen paper to remove excess oil.
Fry the aubergine in the same oil at high heat. The aubergine will absorb a lot of the oil at first. When the pieces become golden brown, most of the absorbed oil is released. Fry till golden and soft. Remove and drain on kitchen paper to remove excess oil.
Fry the capsicum briefly for about 1 - 2 minutes on high heat. Remove and drain on kitchen paper to remove excess oil.
Remove all the oil,  reserve only a tablespoon  of oil in wok, add in the garlic and spring onion, fry at medium heat till light golden.
Add in  water and cubes when the cube dissolves, add the both soy sauces and, chilly flakes and sugar.
When the liquid is boiling, add in all the vegetables. Stir briefly then thicken with  cornflour paste on high heat and reduce the sauce to almost dry and vegetables are evenly coated with the sauce.  Take off flame and  serve.

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sneha datar

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