Heavy Paratha

Heavy Paratha is made of whole wheat flour. It is a richer version of chapatti. Freshly cooked crisp paratha, eaten taking it off the griddle, is delicious! I wanted to make something different for breakfast.  Instead of having bread butter, I made this, which was even more filling and yet healthy.

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2 Cups Whole Wheat Flour

1/2 Teaspoon Salt
Enough water to make soft dough
Butter as needed for folding and basting


Making dough:

Place flour and salt in flat big thal or bowl, add water a little at a time as you knead it and make a soft dough. Leave to stand  covered with a moist cloth for 15 minutes or so. Knead briefly again.

How to shape the  square paratha. See step by step pic.

Break dough into 10-12 portions (size is your own choice) and roll them into balls. Keep covered with a moist cloth. 
Dust one ball with dry flour and roll it out to a round thick circle.

Brush the circle with butter

 and sprinkle little flour

Fold  one side.

Then the other side

 Apply butter lightly on both sides .

Sprinkle little flour , then  fold the Top side

The fold the bottom side  and now this become a square.  

In the meantime place a griddle or tava on low flame to heat. 

Roll out  this into a thick big square. It should be rolled from center outwards so that the edges are thinner than the center. You will need to dip it in dusting flour on both sides a couple of time during this process. Parathas should be thick (see pic).

Put the paratha on the hot griddle/tava .

Flip it over, after a minute and cook this side till brown dots appear and then again flip and cook this side the  same way.

Press paratha gently all over with a flat spatula or a cotton cloth, if you see any steam escaping, seal it by pressing it gently, making it balloon up. Brush a little butter on both surfaces

Next paratha can be rolled as this one is cooking.

 Serve hot with any curry or sabji of your choice.

We had this with a hot Cup of Tea.

 ah ah see the folds of the paratha.

My Notes :• 

Parathas can be made in advance. Do not brush the butter on it, stack them  on top of each other and wrap in Aluminium foil. They can be re-heated before serving by brushing little butter , either individually on a griddle.

They freeze quite well too, but should be defrosted properly before re-heating.

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sneha datar
sneha datar

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