Tawa Pulao - Mumbai Street Food

This is the day 2 recipe that I have choosen from  here  for the Blogging Marathon.

Tawa pulao is a famous street food of Mumbai. A city which is always bustling with activity. People here have no time to look at eachother. Each one is running the rat race and moving with ticking of the clock. The fast life that they lead, people have less time to prepare meals, and you will find the street stalls busy with activity preparing meals for them.

This delicious rice is served in all street stalls in Mumbai. Tawa pulao as the name suggests is made on a tawa or large iron griddle. Pav bhaji masala is used for making this pulao and also uses veggies similar to that of pav bhaji. Tawa pulao tastes delicious when eaten fresh and hot. This can be served with raita or plain curd. ‘Tawa’ means griddle and ‘Pulao’ means "rice’. So basically tawa pulao is a rice preparation particularly made on a flat griddle on high heat (since I do not have a large tawa , made it in a large kadai). I like tawa pulao because it is a meal in itself as there are veggies too in it. In Mumbai you will get Tawa Pulao any time of the day. This Pulao is prepared in the same tawa in which pav bhaji is made and hence pav bhaji masala is main in ingredient, it contains a variety of spices. This pulao is usually served with raita on the streets of Amchi Mumbai.

2 Cups  Basmati rice – cooked
1 Onion –  chopped finely
1 Tomatoe –  chopped
1  Large Carrot –  diced into small pieces
1/4 Cup Green peas
1  Capsicum –  diced
2 Teaspoon Ginger - Garlic paste
A pinch Garam masala powder
2 Teaspoons Pav Bhaji masala powder
1 Teaspoon Red Chili powder
1 Tablespoon Coriander leaves - chopped

1 Green chilly - chopped
Salt - to taste
1 Tablespoon Butter
1/4 Cup Oil 
1 Teaspoon Cumin seeds
1 Tablespoon Lemon juice


Cook the rice and keep aside to cool.
Parboil all the vegetables except the capsicum and keep aside.
Heat butter+oil in a kadai, add cumin seeds allow it to crackle. Then add ginger-garlic paste and onion. Fry till slightly browned, then add tomato and saute till mushy, oil starts leaving the sides.Then add capsicum and saute for a minute  only. Add red chilli powder , garam masala powder and pav bhaji masala powder, salt to taste and saute till well blended. Then add the boiled veggies. Add  sprinkle little water (just for the spices to combine).  Add cooked rice and mix well. Cook in high heat for 2mins then switch it off. 
Squeeze lemon juice and add chopped coriander leaves. Serve hot, onion raita and with fried Appalam.
For the Boondi Raita:

1 Cup Thick Fresh Curds
1/2 Cup Masala Boondi
A pinch of Salt
A pinch of Chilly powder
A pinch Roasted Cumin powder


Beat the curds well mix the boondi in the curds, add salt to taste and Serve with a sprinkle of chilli and cumin powder.

This was delicious.  

My Notes:
You can also prepare this with the previous day rice.

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sneha datar

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