Holi-The festival of love and joy

March 18. 2014

Holi-The festival of love and joy. Holi is a festival of colors which generally falls on a full moon in the month of Falgun. It is also a festival of love, unity and celebrates the triumph of good over evil. This festival is celebrated with lot of pomp all over India. Holi is celebrated with vibrant colors - these colors are actually colors of joy, love and those that fill our life with happiness to the core of our heart. The significance of holi festival has crossed many pages in history and every festival has its own traditions, but what really matters is the spirit of festivity.

Colors speak louder than words at times. Holi goes beyond the custom of smearing colors on each other. It crosses the realm of traditional customs to reach new dimensions of the renewal and spirit. It's a time to create new bonds, reach out to others and forget the past worries. In every house varieties of dishes and sweets are prepared for this festival. This is what I prepared to celebrate this festival.

Baked Cabbage Paneer Koftas in Makhani Gravy
Tomato Rice
Beetroot Pachadi
Cake Sandwich Dhokla
Puran Poli

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Sneha's Recipe
Sneha's Recipe

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