Lemonade Scones#Bakingbloggers

This is a perfect scone with a crusty top and bottom, when you split it in half it's soft ,flaky and moist.
Dry Ingredients

2 Cups Level Self Rising Flour
A Pinch Baking Powder
A Pinch of Salt
2 Tablespoons Heaped Caster Sugar
Wet Ingredients

90 Grams Chilled Butter
20 Grams Chilled Vegetable Shortening 

½ -¾ Cup  Lemonade
1 Small Egg

Sieve the dry ingredients, break the chilled butter and shortening with a pastry blender  till forms bread crumbs.
Now add the egg  mix lightly , add the  lemonade little at a time. Mix to make a dough, do not knead it.
Take the dough on to large piece of cling wrap on a  surface and lightly press it with a press it with the bench scraper and keep folding the dough 3 -4 times like a laminated dough. 
Lightly roll the dough. Cut into scones but do not twist the cutter. 
Place in a greased parchment sheet, they should be placed close to each other. 
Brush with egg wash. Bakes for 20 to 22 minutes in a preheated the oven at 220°C.
Baked to perfection.
Slater it with butter  and enjoy!!
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March 2020: Scones

Sneha's Recipe
Sneha's Recipe

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  1. I've not had a scone or biscuit made with lemonade but am intrigued. It sounds wonderful for a summer brunch on the patio once the weather gets nice!

  2. I love that these have lemonade baked into them! What a terrific anytime treat!

  3. Love the addition of Lemonade to these scones.

  4. Those sure look flaky and delicious! I love your cutter too!

  5. Great idea using lemonade for moisture and flavor. You are so smart Sneha.

  6. Oh my goodness, I need to rush right out and buy some lemonade! These look to yummy not to make! Faith, Hope, Love, & Luck - Colleen