Gorkeri Sweet & Spicy Mango Pickle

The Gorkeri Recipe is a traditional Gujarati Raw Mango Pickle that is made sweet and spicy with jaggery. It's a pickle you will love.  My friends who tasted this recipe loved it.
350 Grams Green Raw mangoes - cubed - see notes
120 Grams Jaggery - grated
2 Tablespoons Heaped Yellow Mustard Seeds or Whole ( this variety is used for pickling , if you don't get it powder normal mustard seeds )
1 Tablespoons Level Red chili powder
¼ Teaspoons Rock salt¾  Teaspoon Heaped Turmeric powder
Mustard oil or Sesame oil as required
2 + 2 Teaspoons Sea Salt

Wash and clean the mangoes , pat dry, peel  and remove the seed. Chop into small cubes .
Mix turmeric powder with 2 teaspoons heaped salt and coat  the mango cubes with it .
Let it rest for an hour or more . After an hour or so drain the water it leaves and steam cook lightly for 8 - 10 minutes but not very mushy . Keep aside  to cool completely.
Meanwhile dry roast yellow or whole mustard seeds till it leaves an aroma ( taking care not burn them). Cool and then powder it. 
Take a pan , heat sesame oil ( I used this), add the powdered jaggery , add the powdered spice , red chili powder,  add the marinated steam cooked mango cubes after patting dry into the mixture . Keep the flame on low and let the jaggery melt, stirring it so that it does not burn. Stir the whole mixture lightly taking care not to mash the mangoes. Take off flame after jaggery is completely melted.
Let it cool completely ( I left it overnight covered) before you bottle it in a clean sterilized glass jar . This Gorkeri pickle stays good for months . I have added oil one inch above the pieces. If you want it with less oil then keep it in the refrigerator. Use a dry spoon to remove the pickle. 
Tastes excellent with khichdi, theplas , rotis , phulkas and bhakris.
My Notes :
I had purchased 530 grams mango , after cleaning, cutting and chopping the mangoes measured 350 grams.
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Sneha's Recipe
Sneha's Recipe

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