Corn Panki / Corn Pancakes

This is a traditional Gujarati breakfast dish, a small corn pancake cooked in between banana leaves very healthy and a complete breakfast dish  as it uses very little oil. The   aroma of fresh banana leaves which make this pancake taste divine. This  is must tried  monsoon dish,  in this  season you will find  heaps of golden corn in the market.

This is so quick and easy to prepare, that from start to finish it takes around 30 minutes.

These were made for guest that came for breakfast.  They enjoyed these with Coriander Chutney or Mint Chutney


8 Tender Corncobs
1 Cup Semolina
1/2 Cup  Rice flour
1 Tablespoon Grated Ginger
6 Green chillies - finely chopped
1 Cup Fresh Curd - beaten
4 Tablespoon Coriander leaves - finely 
Salt according to taste
A sachet Fruit Salt
A Tablespoon Oil
Banana leaves  as require cut in long  pieces 
Desi Ghee for brushing the pan


Take Corncobs remove the skin, wash nicely, take out corn kernel and coarsely grind them in a mixer with ginger, and green chillies.

Take the ground corn out on to a bowl, add  rice flour, semolina, curd, salt, chopped coriander and  oil. Mix all ingredients very well  and keep aside for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes add fruit salt to this and mix well, the batter will become light and fluffy.

Take banana leaf apply little oil on one side of banana leaf
Take a a spoon of batter and spread evenly on greased side of banana leaf, fold the  banana leaf.

Heat a  non-sticky pan brush it with desi ghee and place two or three panki  according to the size of  pan.  Cover it with the lid for 2 - 3 minutes.  Take of the lid and cook on both sides till you see that the leaf as turned brown or till panki is cooked.

Repeat the same process with rest of the batter.
Serve hot with chutney and  a cup of tea or coffee .

My Notes:
If rice flour is not available you can use besan / chickpea flour.
Make sure the batter is in proper consistency , it should be thick to spread.
If you do not get banana leaf, not to worry, wash the leaves of corn and dry them, spread the batter on one leaf and cover with the other leaf. 
Can use oil instead of desi ghee to brush the pan.

Sending these to  Foodie Extravaganza {Party} · Hosted by Caroline Williams  the theme for this month  is Pancakes.  Thank your Caroline for choosing such a wonderful theme.

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