Mango Metham Pickle - East Indian

Metham in East Indian Marathi is Methi / Fenugreek seeds. This is very delicious pickle which last for year or even more provided it has an inch of oil above always.  This is my Mother's recipe, which my mother learn't from her mother i.e. my grandmother an awesome cook. Her hand was like a magic wand. Whatever she made was delicious and perfect.

Whenever, we i.e all her grandchildren went to her house, first thing we use to do is finish the pickles from the bowls kept on the dining table... so delicious and mouthwatering... reviving old make memories... imprinted in mind... I miss her and mother too..

Coming to my mother she too inherited the magic wand from her mother. She was an awesome cook, who not only cooked traditional East Indian dishes, but also tried different recipes of other cuisines. My mother used to make different types of pickles, jams. chutney's etc.. the whole year, according to season of vegetables and fruits.

This is a tried and tested recipe. Adding jaggery in this pickle is optional. I would recommend you add it since is gives a delicious taste and balances the spiciness, my mother always added it. So here I, reveal my mother's secret recipe...

1 Kg Mangoes - Rajapuri Variety (see pic)
75 Grams Yellow Mustard seeds - coarsely powdered
10 Grams Asafoetida Powder
25 Grams Turmeric Powder
40 Grams Red Chilly Powder
15 Grams Methi / Fenugreek Seeds powder
2 Tablespoons Heaped Sea Salt
1 Kg or More Vegetable Oil - can use mustard oil too
1/3 Cup of Jaggery or according to your taste

For the Mangoes5 Tablespoons Sea Salt
1 Teaspoon Turmeric powder


Sterilize a big glass bottle and dry it in the sun. I sterlize and then dry all glass bottles(without the lids) in the oven for 10- 15 minutes, at 150 degrees or whenever am baking.

Use pickle mangoes that are not ripe. Wash and dry the mangoes then chop them, remove the seeds, mix salt and turmeric powder to it, mix well. Keep these under some weight overnight ( I kept a plate and then a grinding stone over it).

Next day place the mangoes in a strainer and drain all the brine, spread it in a plate and keep it for dry in light sun or in the house to dry slightly ( till you prepare the ingredients and oil cools down).

Heat the oil in a kadai till really hot ( do not bring it to boiling or smoking point). When the oil is still hot mix all the spices along with the salt and jaggery, let the jaggery melt in this oil stirring in between till it oil cools and jaggery melts.

Mix all the masala and mangoes, remaining oil, in a big bowl and keep it for a day, by that time jaggery will melt completley. Mix it well and fill it in the sterlize bottles, adding more oil if necessary so that an inch of oil is above the mangoes always.   

This pickle will be ready to enjoy after  20 days or a month ... will remain for a year and even more provided there is an inch of oil above the mango pieces and the bottle is clean from inside ( i.e. no masala around the bottle above the oil).. clean it with a clean cloth or paper towel. 
Enjoy ....  

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Sneha's Recipe
Sneha's Recipe

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  2. Mouthwatering Fabulous recipe. I love Andhra style avakaya/ mango pickle. the making process shown here looks very clear. I feel like it will be helpful and useful to the people who stay far away from homes and pickle lovers. I will be giving a try this weekend. Thanks a lot.!

  3. uch a classic recipe and you have made it so well. I am so tempted to make some soon. Looks fabulous!