Mixed Flour Buttery Chaklis

This crunchy snack is just as good at tea time as it is for a special occasion.Diwali is never complete without these. Traditional chaklis are made with a special chakli making mold.

1 cup rice flour
2 cups All purpose flour
1/2 cup Moong dal soaked and cooked
1/4 cup ghee/oil - melted

1 Tablespoon Butter - melted
1 tsp red chilli powder
1/2 Teaspoon cumin seeds - lightly roasted
1/2 Teaspoon ajwain - lightly roasted
1/2 Teaspoon sesame seeds - lightly roasted
Salt to taste
Warm water as required
Oil for deep frying

Steam the All purpose flour (maida) for 10mins . Place a white cloth inside the container then add the flour. Cover with a lid. When steamed if will take the shape of the container (see pic above). Let it cool slightly then break into bits and spread it in a plate and leave it to cool completely. Pulse it in a mixer 3 times and the flour will just like it was before steamed. 

Mix the rice, all purpose flour and cooked dal along with the rest of the dry ingredients well. Then add the melted and hot ghee. Pour it, a little at a time into the flour and mix well. When all the ghee is used up, add warm water, a little at a time and keep kneading till it forms a smooth dough.

Taste dough and if necessary season with salt or spices to your taste. Fill some of the dough in a chakli mould and form chaklis.

Heat the oil in a pan on a medium flame. Deep fry the chaklis till golden. Drain on paper towels, cool and store in an air-tight container.  These Chaklis are so yum that you keep munching them non-stop.

For Tips on frying Chaklis look here Bhajni Chaklis

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sneha datar
sneha datar

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